Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 12, 2011

Focus on Organic SEO and Offer Good Content

Real Estate and the Internet are getting more and more competitive and the field of Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing is attracting savvier and savvier agents; this causes many to seek shortcuts and tricks to try to get to the top and it is quite understandable. But be very cautious; there may be a price once you get to your coveted Page 1 Placement.

So let’s look at an example that deals with “Bed Sheets” – if you use Bing/Yahoo and search for Bed Sheets you will find that is one of the top organic results; Yet if you Google the same thing they are nowhere to be found until Page 7 – What Happened?

Google Penalized Overstock by trying to trick Search Results and the way they did is by offering College Students Discounts who linked their .edu Websites to A link from an .edu domain is very valuable and since many view that college websites are not focused on Commercial Internet Traffic they are viewed as more relevant. In essence Google saw this attempt as buying links for the sake of ranking; which is a big No No in SEO. If was a very small player than very few would have noticed; but as your presence grows and you become more visible you must review all your SEO Strategies and make sure they are Organic.

Keep these thoughts in mind:

1. Google is chasing “Link Farms” and “Fake Directories” and discounting the links within them – they may even penalize your website if it has too many of these fake links. Most Link Farms charge a fee to place you in High PageRank Websites but those are so fake they only exists for the sake of links only. (Google is Cracking Down Hard!)

2. If you hire an SEO company to help you with your ranking make sure you know what they are going to do. Most of them rely of tricks, Renting Links, and do little with Content. They may end up hurting you more than you think.

3. When thinking about your website and your clients always go back to basics; what do my clients want and how can I deliver content and solutions that help them. If you focus on Business Fundamentals your chances of organically flourishing increase.

Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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