Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 14, 2011

Real Estate Market Branding and Marketing

The proper Branding in your Real Estate Marketing must not only include your Personal Information and that of your Agency; but it must also tell me your localized Expertise and market coverage. This is the most difficult thing I see agents and brokers suffering from – they keep thinking that if they cast the widest net they would get the most business. It is like being a “Liver Specialist” and having a hard time saying so because those who may need a “Lung Specialist” may not call on you.

Let looks at some of these ideas and ramifications:

1. Agents believe that the larger the market area the more chances they will get to generate more business; on the surface this sounds like a good idea; but is it? You take an agent who works in Lebanon Tennessee – you will see in their marketing something like “Serving Middle Tennessee.” Do you know how large Middle Tennessee is?

2. The Internet and Search Marketing are making the world smaller and allowing consumers to be more focused; trust me when I say: Your customers are smarter than you give them credit.

3. The more areas you say you work in the more diluted you are viewed – ask yourself this question: “Can I really help those who live West of Nashville if my office is way East of it?” The truth of the matter you will be found out and your clients will resent you.

4. Deep local knowledge are what customers are seeking – can you afford not to mention your localized areas of expertise?

I will leave you this simple thought – when was the last time you reviewed your marketing pieces and looked at your Market Expertise? Succeeding with SEO and Internet Marketing requires this essential ingredient.

Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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