Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 19, 2011

Blog to Educate NOT to Manipulate

In one of my Training Seminars I focus on Real Estate Blogging; and I don’t mean the gibberish that many companies and agents spew on Blog Platform, or onto the public so they can manipulate them to Buy something they don’t want. My focus is on Blogging Strategically; I have found that those who blog just to get traffic and leads tend to fail – but those who truly blog ongoingly to educate within their local market tend to always rise in their SEO Ranking.

Yet many agents get to a point where they think they have run out of things to blog about – and that stuns me – 😦

So let me share some thoughts:

1. If you intentionally Blog to generate Leads you will fail!

2. Blogging is not about being the biggest agent in your State – focus in your Niche Market, and yes I mean your local Neighborhoods; Your Sellers live in those neighborhoods – are you taking care of them?

3. Stop worrying about where to blog – those who charge you to blog are manipulating you! Think instead about linking your blog platform to your website – if your website vendor is too chicken to offer you a Modern Blog Platform then think about using WordPress, RealTown, or (PS: I will be posting a blog that will shame vendors for not stepping up to offer the Right Platform for Real Estate Agents to Blog… in a couple of days!)

PS: This PS is for agents who are with EXIT Realty: There are 4 platforms that are Real Estate EXIT Centric that offer not only the Proper Blog Platform, but also the ability to link Videos, Pictures, and Marketing Channels and they are:;;; and

4. Study your local Statistics in your MLS and you will have at least one blog a week to share with your customers – The Real Estate Market is ever changing and it is your job to offer the latest and most important information locally – Think Niche Market Statistics!

5. Your localities events are ever-changing as well – new events, new economics forces, as well as social and political forces change the area in which you serve your clients… think about attending your local “Power Centers” and translate that information to your clients.

6. Last and definitely NOT least – Remember this important Idea: If you run out of ideas to Blog to help your customers – you are the one at fault; You are probably an ‘Order Taker”’ who is looking to offer “Fries” with every Sale – Ponder that thought.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



  1. Great Post . It reinforce what we had start learning in your seminar. Thanks so much for the extra mile you drive for us.

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