Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 20, 2011

How about a Database of our Real Estate Agents

Every proper Real Estate Website offers the ability to search for Properties in the market the Broker happens to hold an MLS License; this is namely a Database of the properties in the MLS that are currently for Sale. This is a very useful tool for potential Buyers – it gives them the ability to take their time and grow their knowledge about a particular market they desire to move to.

But how about a Database of Agents at the Broker Level?

Such tools are not offered by Real Estate Website Vendors because no one is clamoring for them. Before some of you go nuts and try to correct me by saying: “If you visit my website you will find all my agents are listed with a picture, contact information, etc…”

No I am not talking about these dull 1-dimensional Databases – I am talking bout true Search-Based Agents Databases full of Data rarely offered – let me share a few thoughts:

1. The Agent Profile should include not only their contact information but also include Designations, Social Media Links, and a true CV; CV stands Curriculum Vitae; in other words a proper Business Resume; Real Estate Sellers are our Employers and they wish to interview us about our expertise.

Think of it this way: “Property Owners in the market of Selling their Homes want to meet your agents before they physically meet your agents!

2. A proper Database of Agents would list all the properties a particular agents Sold in the past 5 years and Spell out what side of the transaction the agent was involved in. These properties should be properly tagged as to their type, price, and location. Sellers and Banks want to know if the agent has ever facilitated a Foreclosure transaction; if they have experience with Short Sales; How many properties they sold in a particular neighborhood or city; etc…

This Database of Properties Sold should be relational and attached to the agent and fully Searchable.

3. Broker Audited Testimonials attached to specific Properties and specific agents. What other Sellers and Buyers have said about your agents in the course of their career is very important to your would-be clients. This should also be a searchable Database and fully integrated within the profile of the agent.

At this point controversy ensues – Most Real Estate Companies are in the business of “Good News” and suppress so-called “Bad Reviews!” I think this is short-sighted; if I saw 10 testimonials and one was not so good I would think that the profile is closer to the truth than if all were radiant and glowing; I will let you decide how to handle this difficult idea.

4. The Database MUST include all the properties the agent has currently with Days on Market. Days on Market is something few companies list because they are afraid of the perception that they are not selling the property fast enough. But days on market is what Sellers crave – so instead of them going behind your back to find it you should just offer it from the get go.

5. Full integration of a Searchable Video Platform that the agent is posting in channels like YouTube; this is one of the best way for Consumers to meet your agents before they physically meet them.

6. Full Integration with the Agent Blog Platform, YouTube Videos, LinkedIn Profile, Business Tweeter Feed, and Agent Business FaceBook Page. These integrated links allow the Real Estate Consumer to get a sense of the commitment and professionalism of the agent and learn how the marketing tools the agent uses are implemented.

These are but a few ideas that Brokers ought to ask from their Website Vendors to offer – we can no longer afford to ignore the intellect of our Consumers and we must step up and offer them more. I like what Redfin is doing – they go further than most brokerages in this area but they could offer so much more!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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