Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 24, 2011

Blogging live requires a stable Platform

Bloggers understand one fundamental idea: “We are Responsible for our Marketing; Blogs are a powerful vehicle in telling our story!

The writing of Blogs is a process and it is a live one – what I mean by that is: Bloggers are NOT HTML Coders – they are storytellers and they look for the best Blog Platform that offers them all the tools they need to tell that story. The tools are not that complex; they are in fact quite simple – let’s look at the most important ones:

1. The ability to type, spell, and format text.

2. The ability to insert pictures.

3. The ability to insert videos – mainly YouTube Videos.

4. The ability to create Hyperlinks. (This is HUGE!!!)

5. And the ability to convert from formatted text to HTML Code without having to write code.

I can go on and on about all of the tools that I think should be present but the above 5 are essential.

Here is an example of a Proper Content Editor a la Realtown:

Content and HTML Editor

So keep these ideas in mind:

1. Remember that when writing a Blog on the Internet it is a live object – make sure you save a Draft Copy as you proceed.

2. I highly recommend using Firefox (4.0 has just been released) – it is an awesome stable platform – if you wish to suffer use Internet Explorer; I am hoping that version 9.0 with be more stable; but you are out of luck if you use Windows XP; IE will not be available for XP.

3. I love what Google Chrome is doing but the number of SEO plug-ins available with Firefox give it an edge.

4. Many enjoy writing their blogs in WordPress and the Editor is adequate; but the above one is much better.

5. This is for Real Estate Website Vendors: Your users are demanding a Proper Blog Platform fully integrated within their Website that offers a Content Editor similar to the above Graphic – visit and you will see how theirs works.

6. Extra Credits: Vendors who have the guts to take the best of what the WordPress Platform Offers in blog functionality and add the proper CMS Editor (similar to Realtown) are the visionary ones; they will become the leaders of the industry.

I will finally end by encouraging all Real Estate Agents and Brokers to Blog, Blog, Blog… You are the Marketing Expert and Blogs help you tell your story.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



  1. Great stuff Key! I am going to blog, blog, blog my way into an awesome year this year! Keep up the great posts.

  2. Great job Key!!! I wish my website had all the above!!!!!!!

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