Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 26, 2011

Real Estate Contrarian Thinking

Time for some Contrarian Thinking if you are a Real Estate Broker or a Dedicated Real Estate Professional…

Thinking Outside the BoxThe news around Real Estate is all over the spectrum; much of it is bad; lots of it is inconclusive; and yet some of it is good… (very little though.) Bad News has a way to capturing the imagination because we are wired to avoid pain – the emotional agony of losing $100 is not equal in intensity to the emotional gain of $100; this is known as The Fear of Loss Principle.

The National News this week was that “New Construction Sales were the lowest since 1963!” and “Existing Home Sales plunged in February…” and some markets have stabilized, but not a large number of them…

So yes Bad News has a way of galvanizing the imagination – Yet true visionaries use this swirling of Bad or Confusing  News to position themselves NOT just to rise with the tides but to “Take Market Share!

How do you start thinking about this Real Estate Business in a Contrarian way:

1. Take more Listings now then ever before – everyone is chasing the illusive “Willing and Able Buyer” and yes there are deals to be had; But tight credits and high Down Payments make the “Able-ness” a bit of a challenge. Listings build agencies, influence, and always lead to Buyers – the reverse is NOT true.

2. Hire the Best Agents and cement them with your agency – When times are tough people look for leadership; Broker/Owners should be doubling their efforts to hire the best – NOT those who have left the industry. The best agents are looking for Vision and an agency they trust 5 to 10 years from now… Think long term.

3. Expand your Internet Presence now more than ever. Consumers are using the Internet to seek out deals and to understand how the localized markets are doing; Are you offering them the best ideas? Are you spending money expanding your Social Media an Blog Platforms?

If you love Real Estate you are being given the best opportunity ever to deliver on your expertise – you MUST Shine when times are tough! Review your Business Plan and enhance it by hiring the best people, growing your Listing Inventory, and offering the best Marketing in your area.

Yes, this is your time to shine – when everyone is running away from the carnage; you walk into it!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Web Strategist


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