Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 29, 2011

Leadership is Work – NOT a Picnic

The Real Estate Business is an interesting industry, it is filled with tension between Brokers and Agents, and for the most part it is a healthy tension. You see Real Estate Agents are really Independent Contractors, and they enjoy the freedom of dictating their workday as they please. This is an understandable phenomenon and most Brokers understand this psychological need, but in some instances there is a Dark Side when it becomes unbridled.

Real Estate Brokers MUST embrace the Leader within!Brokers are the first line of defense to the consumer and if anything goes awry they must step up and make it right; this requires a flow of information, paperwork, and standards between Brokers and Agents. Most, if not all State Real Estate Commissions, will hold Managing Broker responsible for the activity of their Agents and the biggest hurdle a Broker will face is having their agents attend Weekly or Biweekly Meetings.

These meetings are important but instead of blaming agents for not attending, which I find very disrespectful, let us focus on the Broker and what they can do.

1. Brokers ought to consider biweekly meetings that are well planned, focused, and informative. You may wish to visit for ideas on Office Meetings: – the more you are prepared the easier the flow of your meetings.

2. Limit your meetings to an hour and make it clear that once the hour is up the agents can leave – in fact if your meeting is running a little long take a 5 minute break at the hour mark so you show that you respect those who need to leave. This respect will foster goodwill and tends to increase participation.

3. Limit the number of vendors who which to attend and speak to your agents – your agents are tired on being sold at these meetings; maybe every fourth meeting a special opportunity is presented that has been completely vetted by the office – otherwise guard your agents.

4. Take a couple minutes to read one paragraph from the NAR Code of Ethics at every meeting; choose an agent rotationally and have them read to the group; if a short conversation ensues fine if not move on. You want the Code of Ethics to be Top of the Mind.

5. Discuss Prospecting Techniques and Listing Presentations – Agencies are built on Real Estate Listings. Offer Solutions, Techniques, and Methods for generating more business – in fact once a meeting give one agent time to present on a technique that is working for them. Try to foster teamwork and pick an agent 2 weeks before the office meeting, ask them to prepare a 5-minute talk on a prospecting technique, and come prepared to share it with the group. These types of presentation build the agent presentation skills and they become more successful with their customers.

6. Become knowledgeable about Social Media and Internet Marketing and share a nugget of information that agents can do to help them in their Marketing. Every meeting you hold with your agents should help them sharpen their Marketing Toolkit – they look to you to distinguish the fluff from substance.

7. Demand more from yourself than from your Agents; this type of leadership by example will earn you respect; which is more important than love. Have your Staff help you remind your Agents on important meetings and look for ways to connect your group through simple technology tools – find the best way your agents want to be connected with and use it. For some Facebook is the way; for others text messages; yet others an email… Find out how and then engage them!

I will end with this thought; Brokers are Leaders and they must demonstrate that ability – Take full responsibility for anything that goes wrong in your meetings; Give full credit to others when things go Right. Work on your Leadership Skills by reading books by John Maxwell and don’t be afraid to engage your agents with a loving firm grip.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Trainer


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