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What if we nurtured the Real Estate Talent within?

Everywhere I travel during my trainings I come across talented Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Trainers, and Administrators – individuals with lots of expertise and knowledge whose proficiency is not currently being tapped for the good of the whole group. So this got me thinking about a nagging problem Brokers seem to confront with their office meetings; let us be honest for a minute: many of these Sales Meetings are boring and repetitive; in fact many brokers keep bringing the usual suspects to their meetings because those are the people who reside in their neck of the wood…

I think we can do better! Can I ask you entertain the following idea?

“What if Brokers had access to a slew of other Brokers, Agents, Administrators, and Trainers, and used technology to have them present during their meeting one topic for 10 minutes with 10 minutes for questions and answers?”


Telent is centered around your Planning, Implementing, Leading, and Teaching.

I am not talking about phone conference calls I am talking about using the internet for video conferencing with the equipment you already have:

The Presenter will need a laptop with a built-in WebCam; High Speed Internet; Microphone; and a piece of software like

The Office Meeting Room needs to have a Big Screen (40 inch seems to be adequate); connected to a computer; High Speed Internet; a WebCam with a built-in Microphone; and the oovoo software.

Most modern offices already have all this equipment except for the Webcam attached near the big screen and the software, which you can download for free. In fact for this application when you have one presenter and one audience the software is Free. (I will update you on what equipment is working best and the cost in the near future…)

Imagine this scenario:

1. Broker A in City A is holding a Sales Meeting on a Tuesday.

2. Broker A invites a Presenter with a specific expertise to talk to the agents about a topic. Let’s say the topic: “How to manage Internet Leads and Increase Sales.”

3. The Presenter can be a Broker, an Agent, a Trainer, or an Administrator; the presenter offers herself for free and must bring great value to others.

4. The whole endeavor is Free and Built on Reciprocity.

5. If you are a receiving Broker then it is your job to present to others or make one of your people available to present; This is the most important part of this endeavor – Reciprocity.

6. The Honor Code must be the driving force behind this endeavor – You give and honor your Word.

7. The Agents from City A now see on the big screen the Presenter share her topic; she shows them examples via PDF or Website or a Power Point Presentation; it’s up to her.

8. The Presenter can also see the group through her webcam; it is almost like she is with them.

9. The Agents can ask questions and have a live discussion.

10. I envision the Presenter sharing for 10 minutes and the agents asking questions for another 10 minutes.

11. Short and Focused topics are the best – with lots of examples.

12. A Database of Presenter and brokers interested in Reciprocity is generated through Goodwill – NOT Control. (more to come on this…)

13. This idea could also help us foster our own Future Leaders by allowing to become better at presenting through rogue experience.

Let me end with this; many will poke holes at this idea and yes on the surface this seems like a far-fetched and buggy idea; but I have already started a test. This week a broker and an agent have made themselves available as Presenters and two offices have asked to hold their Presentations. I will report on their progress shortly – I believe that this is a form of tapping into the talent of our people democratically, thoughtfully, and organically.

You are not welcome to corrupt this process if you are not a person of goodwill; if you do not choose to give first before receiving; or have illusions of grandeur and control. I imagine an open system of sharing that grows on its own and is helped by all… May I ask you to entertain this idea and share your comments?

Happy Blogging SmileKey Yessaad


  1. Key,

    The above scenario could absolutely work and i believe it would energize meetings to where agents would look forward to the sessions. The technology is already in place for the most part. I have personally had good luck with web-based technology like go-to-meeting that has allowed me to conduct blog training to as many as 20 marketers at a time.

    Joe B.

  2. Key,
    Im all in! In fact excited! While I am willing to share whatever I can and I hope someone on my team or myself has something to give. I am especially excited about having all those power hitter friends help me with my meetings. I know using the similar technology has been utilized for training for a fee…but I love the idea of collaboration and this could become big. Iron sharpens Iron and to get by giving just works. This just seems natural and most of our friends have always been willing to share but to put together a plan that is somewhat organized will make this collaboration that is actually in some cases there much more widely used and available. SIMPLY GENIUS!

  3. A great idea! Iron sharpens Iron and there are so many talented agents and brokers out there! Would love to integrate this into my TEAM meetings.

  4. Great idea Key …. There is a lot of talent to tap across the country. Using web based “live” meetings has not been fully utilized and embraced by the real estate agents and brokers on a local or regional networking level.

    My local Realtor board hasn’t embraced it yet … so I know very few other brokers or agents are utilizing it either; from a recruiting point of view it would stand out too.

    Besides … some times agents need to hear the same message from an outsider …. before they take action. It could have a viral affect.

  5. Key, that’s a fantastic idea! From my short time with Exit, I’ve learned that the Exit way is really about sharing ideas and “paying it forward” to help your fellow brokers and agents. This would be an excellent way to further that philosophy.

    As a producing broker/owner, coming up with weekly meeting ideas sometimes becomes a drain on my time. If we could come together as a region with a weekly topic to share with our agents, and use technology to present it, I think that would be awesome. I believe we could get some serious synergy and it could have a positive compounding effect on all of our businesses.

  6. Key,
    Wonderful idea and so simple we should of already been doing something like this. EXIT has so many people who have perfected one area of the business and are willing to share but did not have the resources to share outside of their office. I am all for something like this and look forward to hearing how the “test run” went.

  7. Key,

    I think this is a really great idea and a 21st century idea (which always excites me).

    In our sales meetings I sometimes hold a “How did you do it” session of which an agent in our office who recently had a notable triumph will share with the rest of the group. Within the group many ideas are becoming repetitive.

    But this idea . . .Much like your link exchange (a group of non-competing brokerages assisting each other in respective market places), this idea seems to enable us to bring fresh ideas from virtually across the country into our offices and enable us to return the favor.

    Working together is the key to working smarter and not harder.

    I am very interested in how the test runs turned out.

    Great blog as usual Key! Thank you for inviting me to read and comment.

  8. Great idea as usual Key.

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