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Your Real Estate Elevator Speech

Real Estate Agents work all the time; they do not clock at a precise time and clock out at another – they are always selling because their potential clients are here, there, and everywhere; furthermore, to accommodate the schedule of their customers, they tend to meet clients very early and very late – it is not unusual for a Listing Presentation to take place 7 or 8pm at the Homeowner.

Your Elevator Speech under 20 Seconds This means that Real Estate Agents are always on – but very few have a rehearsed 20 second Elevator Speech.

This type of short introduction has come to be known as ‘Elevator Speech’ or even ‘Elevator Pitch’ to resonate the limited amount of time a Salesperson may have to introduce who they are and what they do between floors on an elevator ride at a conference, or networking event. So what if you had 20 seconds to say who you are and what you do to an important person you have just met, and they were so impressed they asked for your contact information.

Here are some ideas on how you can start crafting your own 20-Second Intro:

1. Only You can write an effective 20-Second Introduction – you need to use your words and be comfortable with the delivery. You will find examples that are so out of touch that they make you sound hollow. The idea is to have a prepared short introduction and as you rehearse it you will feel comfortable sharing it with others – this type of preparation will allow you to focus on the other person a lot more, rather than stumbling over your words.

2. Start of course with “My name is…” – it is best if you could look the other person at eye level, have a smile, make sure your shoulders are relaxed, and deliver your words with confidence, sincerity, and a tinge of passion. It is how you deliver your introduction that others will remember the most – in fact the words are fillers to who you are.

3. Follow it with “I work for…” or “I am a REALTOR with…” etc… – your delivery needs a hint of pride as you mention the brokerage you work for; your audience is tuned to ups and dips in your delivery and they will sense whether you truly like working for your company.

Note: A lot of deliveries are ruined by side questions such as “Have you heard of us?” or trying to gauge if the listener recognizes the name of your company or not; let this one go. This 20-second Introduction is about You and you want to go to the next part of what you do or specialize in. You want the listener to form a bond with you NOT the company you work for.

4. Your Market area and Specialty. This is the one that gets agents in trouble; they fail to emphasize their Market Geography and Specialty as in: “I specialize in Real Estate in the Charlotte Metro Area with an emphasis on Condos and Townhomes.” – “I specialize in the Raleigh and Cary Area with a focus on Short Sales and Foreclosures.” Real Estate Agents are afraid of pigeonholing themselves in an area or a specialty because they wish to cast the widest net; and I understand that; but you must also understand that Real Estate is fast becoming a Specialty-driven Industry and you might as well become the best in your Niche – rather than mediocre at everything.

6. Some say that you must offer a benefit like: “I help my clients save Thousands of Dollars!” or “My Listings Sell with 30 days!” etc… I am not sure about this one and I am going to ask you to use your judgment. If you oversell yourself you may hurt more than help yourself. If you offer a benefit that can be organically molded within your specialty then do so – if not remember that your delivery matters most – sometimes Less is More.

Note: If you exceed your 20-Second limit you will be perceived as rambling and unsure of yourself; you may even convey a lack of professionalism by taking too long.

7. Finish by having the courtesy of doing the same with your interlocutor with questions like: “What brings you to this event?” if you already know the person you may ask: “Have you met anyone at the conference you have enjoyed?” – the point here is for you to be truly be interested in them; In Real Estate Listening Sells more than Talking.

8. Finally, Rehearse your “Elevator Speech” 3 times every morning for 6 weeks – you will be surprised by how comfortable you’ll become in Social Settings and how much your confidence will improve – try it and report your findings…

PS: It is also a good habit to always wear you REALTOR Pin and Name Badge – they are conversation starters.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Marketing Trainer


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