Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | April 7, 2011

The Internet is NOT about Leads it is about Influence

The trainings I provide on SEO and Internet Marketing for the Real Estate Industry are meant to empower Brokers and Agents take Responsibility for their Marketing, this is done by using their website, Social Media, Video, and Web Marketing Platforms. The Trainings were designed because many a Broker and Agent are being taken advantage of; this is due to their lack of true understanding and their reductionist desire for leads – so this for those who confuse SEO for Leads…

I am Responsible for my Internet Marketing!1. The Internet is NOT about Leads – It is about Influence.

2. Leads are a Result of Influence; those who offer Internet Solutions NOT those who seek to Manipulate.

3. Buying Leads is Easy – Closing Leads requires understanding the concept of Incubation.

4. Be Cautious about asking for Buyers’ Leads – the Internet is about Sellers.

5. Sellers follow Influence – Organic Visibility means much more to Sellers. (Googleability!)

6. Sellers want to meet you before them meet you – can they? (where are your videos?)

7. Those who nurture Sellers always get Buyers – the Reverse is NOT always true.

8. Organic Visibility Leads are 100 times more powerful that Paid Leads!

9. “Give me your name before you can Search is so 1990s” – and you end up with Mickey Mouse and Company as Leads.

10. If your agents are working on more than 25 Buyer Leads a month they will stop prospecting for Listings.

11. Good Internet Agents close 1 Sale per 100 Leads – The Best close 1 out of 45.

12. The cost for Pay per Click keep going up – it takes $25 to $50 in Paid Marketing to generate 1 Lead.

13. No one can rescue you about generating new business – you must take responsibility for it.

14. Internet Prospecting for ‘Listing Leads’ means focusing on Video, Blogs, and Localized Neighborhoods.

15. The Internet is NOT about Leads – it is about Influence; Take Responsibility for your own Marketing Strategy!

Happy Blogging – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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