Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | April 8, 2011

Give us Blogs – A Campaign to take care of Real Estate Agents

An Open Letter - "We Demand Blogs!"This is an Open Letter from Key Yessaad to all the Real Estate Website Vendors,

Dear Vendors,

Many of you are truly trying to empower Real Estate Agents and Brokers; and lots of the tools you offer are truly valuable – but some of you have yet to understand a tool Real Estate Agents need more than ever. My name is Key Yessaad and I am an Internet Strategist and Trainer, and I have come to know the level of Internet Sophistication the new breed of Savvy Realtors bring to their clients. I must tell you that many of you are blind to their efforts; in fact some of you think poorly of their Tech Know-How  – you keep thinking how to dumb down your products so you don’t scare them; a truly unfortunate way to work with the new breed of Real Estate Agents.

A Vendor told me once: “Why should we build tools when we know that 90% of agents have no clue how the Internet Works?” – This is the type of vendor who is still stuck in the 1990s; Real Estate Agents have come a long way; I have had to increase the level of SEO sophistication in my trainings because REALTORs do get it!!!

Here is the Request:

Give Real Estate Agents a fully Integrated Blog Platform within their Web Services!

I have written on the topic of Blog Platforms many times, and I shared many ways why this is an important Endeavor on your part (Vendors) – let me share a couple of important points:

1. Most Successful Blog Platforms are Open Source (WordPress, Drupal, Movable Type, Typepad, Oxite, etc…) so there is no excuse about re-inventing the wheel. Take your exciting CMS and you will find a matching Blog Platform that you can offer agents with minimal effort.

2. Blogs are “Navigation Free” – this means that an agent can login, write a title, compose a post, Tag it, and then publish it – the software will do everything about adding it to the website and organizing it.

3. Recognize that agents are already blogging – they are having to go to platforms life Activerain, Realtown, WordPress, etc… The best Blogs are fully integrated within their Website – stop pushing them away.

4. Blogs allow agents to take Responsibility for their Internet Marketing Content – in fact they become much more Tech Savvy as they use them! – Help them remain loyal to their (your) platform.

5. Content is a powerful way to build SEO and drive Organic Visibility – stop forcing Real Estate Agents to go somewhere else to perform their SEO.

Internet Marketing is about the ability to tell one’s story and Blogs are the most natural way to do so; you must listen to your Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

Real Estate Agents are demanding channels of expression and you MUST offer them fully integrated Blog Platforms that serve their need; this open letter is being written on their behalf – I implore you to take this Blog Post Seriously. I am sending this blog to all the Real Estate Agents I have trained on SEO and Internet Marketing and I am going to ask them to flood your Facebook Accounts and your email with this request… We ask you to listen; we ask you to ask questions; we ask you to give us useful Web Solutions so we can take care of our clients.


Key Yessaad, Real Estate Trainer


  1. Key,

    I did it and will continue to do so every day!!!!!

  2. Key, will post and let the folks that I use at I-House that I want to be able to do what I do, right at the site! Thanks for all of your efforts!

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