Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | April 10, 2011

Three Private Videos on Real Estate Bios, Blogs, and SEO

My name is Key Yessaad; I am an Internet Strategist – I enjoy visiting Tennessee and Kentucky once a year at the invitation of Jean Marie Grumbles, George Styron, and Mike Grumbles; they are the Regional Owners of EXIT MidSouth and every year we raise the bar on Internet Marketing. George asked Mike and I to have a series of conversations that were videotaped on the fundamentals of starting a journey into SEO and Organic Placement with Google and Search Engines. The Essence of these videos is quite simple: Our Real Estate Agents not only understand that our customers have embraced the Internet, they understand that they are in need of thoughtful solutions via their browsers – it is our job to offer it to them!

So Mike and I made three (3) videos and here they are:

Mike Grumbles and Key Yessaad Discuss Bios, Blogs, and SEO

1. How to Write a Real Estate Bio that is both Customer and Search Engine Friendly?:

In this video Mike and I discuss the elements of a proper Real Estate that can actually help our consumers relate to what we do; the beauty of this method is that these type od Bios are also SEO friendly. (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or the process of being organically visible to Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.)

2. Now that we have a Proper Bio – Where do we place it on the Internet?:

This video focuses primarily on EXIT Realty Agents and where they can place their Bios on the Internet to get visibility. Think of your Bio as a Resume that Buyers and Sellers Interact with in order for them to form an opinion on your expertise. It is your job, the Real Estate Professional, to build channels of visibility through not just posting your Bio in your Website but to also make it available in every possible Websites and Social Media Channel you encounter.

3. Get Started Blogging – It is your job to tell your Story!:

In this video Mike and I discuss the fact that Real Estate Agents over-think Blogging – he and I narrow the conversation to where to get started and to just do it. Blogging is a way for Real Estate Agents to offer the best Organic Marketing Solutions without having to be dependent on a vendor or even a platform. You are the Real Estate Professional with expertise in your Niche market – Blogs allow you to tell that story; so start writing and sharing your knowledge.

To view these videos follow this link:

Final thoughts: I truly enjoyed these videos because Mike is a very inquisitive and strategic thinker, and as you can see he demands the best from everyone. I look forward to making more videos with him in the near future. Thank you Mike!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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