Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | April 12, 2011

Generate, Create, Prospect, Lead…

Foster a mindset for Generating Business for the long term… Trends come and go in Real Estate but there is one essence that is always valid – Good Real Estate Agents are the bridge between Buyers and Sellers and they do so in all Market Conditions.

Prospect, Prospect, Prospect...When Real Estate Professionals Schedule Prospecting Tasks on a weekly basis no matter how busy they are they tend to Succeed – unfortunately it is not always so; REALTORs tend to do the reverse; When the agents are New they tend to prospect and generate Leads; Then they get busy with the business they just generated and stop prospecting; when the deals are consummated they have no new business and must now prospect for the next 3 months;

Famine followed by Feast then long Famine – again and again…

You MUST break this cycle:

1. I will prospect on a Weekly Basis ongoingly and without pause.

2. I will block time to call, knock on doors, email past clients, send mailers, blog, etc…

3. I know exactly what to do and I am going to do it. This is the year I will increase my market share in my Town.

4. I will seek the support of my Brokers, Mentors, and or Colleagues to stay on track with Prospecting.

5. I will seek community events on a regular basis that will help me meet potential clients and create influence.

6. I will develop a Prospecting Mindset and Ask for referrals from my Sphere of Influence.

7. I will use the internet to reveal my expertise by using Social Media Wisely, by Blogging topically, and by Making Videos.

8. This is the year I will use video to create influence.

9. Prospecting for Real Estate Business is my job and I will make time for it.

10. I am the only person responsible for my success – I will surround myself with the right people.

Happy Blogging – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Marketing Trainer


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