Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | April 13, 2011

SEO and Internet Marketing can be frustrating – Don’t Give up!

I have held hundreds of trainings and coached many to grow their Internet Presence and they always generate results if they are methodical. In SEO and Internet Marketing you cannot dabble; you have to have a plan you trust, and a method to the madness. Your Biggest frustration will happen if you are driven by the desire for instant results – there are none to be had in SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Organic Placement is earned by being Methodical, Repetitive, and Tenacious – these traits must be present in you in order to grow. By the way these are the same traits you must bring to bear if you are to become a good listing agent; Prospecting produces results if you are methodical, repetitive, and tenacious.

Scream at that computer and Keep GoingIf you become overwhelmed on your journey towards organic visibility try to remember these basic ideas:

1. Organic Placement is your chance or rank on Page 1 or 2 of Google and requires diligence and patience.

2. when you jump in this journey you will have days of frustration – just accept those days and keep going.

3. You will become a good Blogger when you start blogging – So don’t wait to become a Good blogger before blogging; it is in the Process of Doing that you will become good at the doing – so start today!

4. Seek help from someone in your office or connect with colleagues on Facebook and ask for assistance – don’t isolate yourself.

5. Internet Marketing is about storytelling and that means writing; just embrace that you are a writer – PS: I know you are because you are doing it on Facebook, yes you do it in spinets but it is still writing.

6. Here is another way for you to realize that you are a Marketing Writer – every time you get a listing you write a description for your properties that you place in the MLS; you see I told you were a Blogger – to make your Blogs more effective all you need is deepen your Marketing Description by adding Market location and Lifestyle Information to your Listing Descriptions.

7. Think of Internet Marketing and Blogging as a Journey, a Marathon – NOT a Sprint… Do a little on a weekly basis and your influence will start growing. Apply the Plan of Action you were given at my Trainings on a weekly basis and review your progress.

8. Embrace video NOW!!! Not the kind that are narrated by someone else – No! The kind that include you and your voice talking about your listings, your community, how you work with Sellers and Buyers, etc.… Embrace Video today…

9. Don’t forget to add Strategic Links to your Blogs and Website to enhance your visibility.

10. Just do it… jump in; I promise you will be fine!!!

Happy Blogging – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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