Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | April 14, 2011

How do you Build influence using the Internet?

Influence, when performed without ego, is driven by Leadership and Value; it is not something you are – it is something bestowed on you by others through the work you do, and your day to day leadership skills. As we move deeper and deeper into an internet-based economy we must adapt and start exerting this influence through Inbound Marketing (also known as Permission Marketing and Customer Driven Search Marketing.)

Nurture your Real Estate AgentsLet us look at some ways Real Estate Brokerages and Agents can start this journey in a thoughtful way:

1. Social Media is about connecting with your Sphere of Influence, your Friends, your Neighbors, and Real Estate Colleagues. Don’t overdo your Selling in these channels – share of yourself even in the context of showing a new listing. Those who over-post with a drive to sell on Social Media will be “un-friended” very quickly and will be viewed as 1-dimensional.

2. Many Brokers will have a page for their agents and it will be just a picture, a name, Phones numbers, and email address – Hum…

What if each agent had a full length page that also had in it a Video of the Agent sharing their Real Estate Expertise and Market Focus?

What if there was also a Good Informative Bio showing Awards, and Designations? (See Videos on this topic.)

What if you also added Testimonials and Customer Reviews driven by a rating system filled out in a form that Customers have access to on your website?

What if the page also included most of their current listings with a link to a page to all of their listings?

What if you also included some Sold listings with also a link to all of their Sold Listings?

What if you had specific Landing Pages for each agent depending on their Niche Market Expertise?

What if you included the agent latest blogs within this page and well as their Social Graph (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.…)

What if you included a short form that text the agent directly to their Smart Phone?

I could go on…

This is influence from a Broker to a Real Estate Agent that serves the Consumer; Real Estate Agencies grow based on their Listing Inventory and the way the talent in their agency is nurtured and allowed to flourish. Broker/Owners must realize they are in the business of Leadership and Influence, and one of the way to cement it is by creating windows of visibility for your agents. Brag about them, Love them, Train them, Nurture them, Push them to excel, Demand the best out of them, and yes from time to time you may have a quarrel – go past it quickly. You MUST nurture this talent within your agency in order to flourish!!!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO


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