Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | April 17, 2011

Ground your Success in Who you are!

As you focus on your success always return yourself to yourself – in a way you are trying to go beyond making money and into a career of contribution to your family, friends, and community. The challenge that Real Estate Agents confront is themselves, in a sense the freedom the industry affords all Realtors becomes a kind of a curse; it lacks the tight screws of accountability and offers the exuberance of total freedom. A small percentage truly explode with success because they box themselves with coaching – yet the many roam reinventing the wheel and Yo-Yoing through feast and famine…

Committed ListenerSo let us return those we seek to succeed to these simple ideas:

1. Success requires that you have Clarity of Thought and Purpose – hone in on your vision, trust it, and follow your journey one client at the time.

2. You will be well served to bring into your life a buddy, a Committed Listener you support and who supports you. They do not have to be participants in your industry but you will be well served by choosing someone who is also in an entrepreneurial profession – like you are.

3. A Committed Listener is defined as one who listens from the perspective of holding one accountable to one’s commitments and vision. So partner with someone you respect and vice versa and launch your vision on a path of accomplishment. Taken care of others is more fulfilling than taking care of oneself.

4. The freedom to run your business your way is truly a blessing and yes it is also a hidden curse; not because of anything wrong with you but due to the nature of who we are – Freedom thrives when it is matched with Responsibility; Do everything you desire but also have the courage to confront your shortcomings.

5. Only you know you as well as you ought to – therefore push in the areas you trust; and seek the assistance of others in the areas of weaknesses. Do it thoughtfully – don’t just look for help – look to help others as well.

6. You must come to accept that Multi-Tasking is an allusion – you are performing tasks one at a time but distracting yourself before completing them by switching to other tasks. It is how you plan your day and react to it that creates momentum in your business Success.

As you return yourself to a coherent center – Clarity will emerge and Success no longer has a choice but Emerge.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Trainer


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