Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | April 18, 2011

A Stunning Truth – Real Estate Brokers don’t visit their own Websites!

There is a dirty secret very few Real Estate Brokers or Agents are willing to acknowledge – an unrevealed truth so fundamental and shocking many would deny it:

“The Majority of Real Estate Brokers and Agents who have a Website have never tested how it works; especially from the point of view of their would-be Buyers and Sellers.”

Shush - Don't Tell Our Customers! I challenge you – ask other Brokers and Agents friends of yours if you can do this or that on their website – and you will get: “Ummm.. I think so??!!”; “I am sure it does- Maybe???”; “Ask my Computer Guy – I have no idea!

Ask them: “Where Can find the Search for Subdivisions?”; “Can I find foreclosures by price?”; “Do you offer Electronic Home Evaluations on your website?”

I can give you a long list of questions they would not be able to answer.

In fact I ask you to do the same with your own website…

This is Stunning to me; it is like having an office you have never visited; and not knowing who your employees and colleagues are. This disconnect is hurting you, but worse, it is hurting your clients.

What is it that causes Real Estate Agents and Brokers to be so nonchalant about their Web Strategy? I think that having a website has been reduced to generating leads and in the process causes many in the industry to reduce it to a Lead Capture Mechanism; in so doing they impoverish its potential power, influence, and global reach.

We MUST change this immediately! Consider these few ideas:

1. Visit your website as a would be Buyer every two months and familiarize yourself with the tools your website offers. Truly pretend you were looking for something specific and spend a couple of hours going through all the motions.

2. In fact go deeper than that – give yourself an alternate identity with a generic email and see what kind of response your agents will give you to your own inquiries.

3. Push this idea even further – seek someone outside your industry and ask them to do the same and comment on their experiences with your Website and Agents.

4. Make a note of what works, what is awkward, and what does not work. (You must know the truth! and Yes, You can handle the Truth!)

5. Write a Blog about a special feature your website offers and share it with your clients and colleagues.

6. Experiment #2: Visit your website as a would be Seller on the alternating Month. Do you offer tools for Sellers?

7. Review your featured Listings and ask yourself if they have been enhanced. You maybe offering the same content that exists in your MLS – absolutely not enough – in your website you MUST offer more to Sellers.

8. Are all your agents listed in your website with proper Bios, Videos, Testimonials, and related listings?

You MUST take Responsibility for your Visibility on the Internet – it is in fact more important than your Physical Office; Nurture it, Seek Criticism, and Stop thinking in 1-Dimension – Your website transcends Leads; it is about Influence.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



  1. Key,
    This is a great blog! It not only applies to real estate but to others who have private businesses. Knowing your audience does mean knowing your website, how it work, what’s on it and what is not that should be there to cater to clients. Every blog you publish has great words of wisdom across the board for any business owner. This one struck a cord with me.
    Thanks for blogging or perhaps I should say sharing your process of writing a great book on business. GREAT business aptitude you have!
    Alecia Cohen, Director
    Travel Exploration Morocco

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