Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | April 19, 2011

My 300th Blog Post

In the past one hundred and thirty one days (131) I have posted one hundred (100) Blog Entries. This is my 300th Blog Post on this channel – although when I combine all the channels I have used in the past I am well over 1,000 Posts.

Blogging is about Service - Not about Selling!

Why is this significant? In November 2010 I decided to blog once a day and do it for a significant amount of time. My 200th posting happened on December the 9th 2010 and it was “You must understand Internet Crawling” – up to that time I was consistently blogging once a week and decided to undertake the experiment of blogging daily and see what I would learn from it.

I did not envision myself writing long blogs at the beginning; I thought of short paragraph blogs that I will combine into larger blogs on a regular basis. But the Beast of Expression and Value took over and I found myself not excited about blogging about fluff. I asked myself one question: “Would you follow someone else’s blog if it was full of mundane ideas – and my answer was a categorical: “No!!!”

Let me share some reflections on the whole experience:

1. To blog daily and add value consistently is tough; you have to be prepared mentally for it. In essence I failed – it took me 131 days to post 100 blogs…

2. To blog daily is one of the best things I have done in a long while – it focuses your mind, it rejuvenates your direction, it helps you become a better communicator.

3. The moment you think you have run out of ideas to blog about you realize that it is not true – within you resides a richness of ideas and solutions that you must reconnect with in order to make a difference.

4. Blogging is a Commitment – similar to Success is a Commitment; if you choose it from a grounded self you will discover more about yourself than others.

5. If you choose to blog daily you will have to become more disciplined about connecting with your community, your industry, and your business – all will you to good things!

6. During the past 100 Blogs I focused on “Under-Linking” my content – for the most part I would Hyperlink one element, or at most two (2). The experiment is still ongoing and I will share my results in a few weeks.

7. The Discipline of focusing on one’s expertise has been the most rewarding – I forced myself to avoid blogs that Sell me as a Real Estate SEO Trainer; I drove myself to offer meaningful ideas to those who choose to follow me.

8. My Web Traffic and Blog Subscribers have doubled since I undertook this project.

Key's Blog Traffic from Nov 2008 to April 19th 2011

This experiment is not over and I shall continue to blog daily – I will release my findings on daily blogs in a few weeks and design a strategy for the few Real Estate Agents who understand that “Internet Marketing” is as essential to the growth of their business as prospecting.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Blogger



  1. Congratulations Key! Your classes have made such a difference in how I do business…Thank you somehow does not seem adequate…Your’re terrific! Kaye

    • What a lovely way of you to acknowledge my efforts – Thank you Kaye!!! 🙂 Key

  2. Good job Key! You blog does add value to my business. It also takes away the excuses that prevent weekly blogging for us. You set the standard and practice what you preach and I am certain that you are every bit as busy if not more than I and 99% of all agents. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work and never forget the little people when your on that NAR stage! (I know you wouldnt!)

  3. Congrats on 300!!

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