Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | April 21, 2011

Know what your Selling and to whom?

The majority of Real Estate Websites, their Owners, and Managers seem to confound logic… what if I told you that most of them don’t know why they have a website?

Worse – They don’t even know what they are Selling and to Whom!

Are you Buying Real Estate of What?Sure, most of you who follow this blog have made important adjustments to your relationship with your websites – you already know that I am not too keen on the word Websites; I prefer the idea of designing Web Strategies using your primary container as a means for Internet Visibility. The word “Container” conveys the idea of having the right vessel that you are responsible for filling with the right products, values, solutions, and energy.

For me is NOT a Website; it is a Massive Container of Internet Tools that helps consumer navigate their products is a thoughtful way. Wal-Mart (and I am not talking about is another example of a company that understands the concept of having proper containers that facilitates the Sale of products in every community they serve.

I boldly claim that Wal-Mart does NOT Sell anything!

So let me ask you:

“What to do you Sell and to whom are you Selling it?”

This is not a facetious question; it is the most important question you must answer before you can even dream of launching a container (ok, ok, website…)

I can hear some of you screaming at me saying: “I Sell Real Estate!” – I say: “No you don’t!” – in fact you have never sold a piece of Real Estate (except for the ones you owned); you have used your expertise to market Real Estate and then handled all the headaches that come from taking care of a closing professionally.

What you are good at is: Customer Service, Real Estate Knowledge, Transaction Management, and foremost Marketing – NOT Selling!

This is an important distinction you ought to allow yourself to reflect on – it is in fact freeing to know that you don’t sell Real Estate!

If you choose to accept this fundamental idea – my question to you is:

“Does your Website (Container) reflect what you do best?”

Give it some thought and share some of them with me. I promise you, this is the most important exercise you ought to undertake as you build your vision with Websites, Search Engines, SEO, and Social Media.

PS: Sorry for the trick question about Selling… 😦

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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