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Why Angie is starting to hate her Website?

Many Big Real Estate Website Vendors offer brokers ‘Massively Integrated Solutions’ that are adequate and spin off Sub-Domains for their agents for Lead Management and pseudo Web Presence. These types of Web Solutions are becoming more prevalent and it is very important for Real Estate Agents to understand The Distinction between Lead Management Websites and Organic Websites.

I use the word “pseudo” in conjunction with the phrase Web Presence because many Brokers are not aware of the psychology of their agents at the local level.

Angie Pinksmith is not Happy These two types of websites are important and should be used in the proper context of the Broker/Agents relationship – what I see missing is an honest intellectual conversation on the benefits and costs that come with both. This type of understanding will arm agents with the right knowledge to tackle their business and marketing thoughtfully – it will also bond the relationship of the Broker to his Agents.

let us work with a fictitious example to illustrate from an organic visibility system the costs and benefits to the agents. In this example we have a Real Estate Agency, Godzilla Inc, with a website called, (please don’t look up their website – it does not exists, at least not as of this blog.) The agency has 85 agents and decides to create a lead management type Real Estate Website – you know the kind that is similar to Market Leader, BoomTown, Kunversion, etc…

Here are some thoughts Brokers and agents must keep in mind:

1. These types of Website Vendors will aggregate your IDX feed (MLS Access) within your website and take care of all your DNS and Domain Management so everything works properly. This is a plus for Brokers and Agents because the lingo and the methods can be a bit bewildering.

2. These types of Websites are perfectly suited for generating Buyers Leads because most of them come with delayed registration and scripted Landing Pages for the primary towns of the broker Location.

3. These types of Lead Management Websites help you manage your Pay per Clicks Marketing Dollars with Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, HomeGain, etc… A task that can be demanding on Brokers.

4. These type of Lead Management Websites come equipped with hoppers that delegate leads on a rotational basis; a fair system since most agents are asked to contribute financially to the lead generation.

5. Most of these types of Websites lack a proper CMS (Content Management System) for adding focused Web Pages; and those who do offer it do so at the Broker Level – NOT at the agent level.

6. The power of Blogging is rearing its Beautiful Head with one of them – but the content ends ups at the Broker Level NOT at the agent level.

Let’s talk about ‘Angie Pinksmith’, a fictitious agent who works for Godzilla Real Estate Inc. She is a good agent and she pays to be on the rotation of the leads in Angie is given a website called: This is an example of a Sub-Domain – and her new container behaves much like her agency website – cool huh!!!

Let us now look at her website and how she understands what she thinks she now has. (In this context I am using the word website loosely – Angie has a sub-domain container – NOT a true website.)

1*. is awesome for Angie; this is because every time she sends visitors to her sub-domain and they register they become her lead. This is great because Angie works hard to take care of her Buyers and now she has a container she can send them to.

2*. Angie Pinksmith walks around telling everyone that she has the right website, and she does – she even goes a step further; she visits, buys a domain called and forwards it to: Angie is very excited; when her clients go to they end up in her sub-domain and they can interact with her… Everything is Peaches and Cream so far…

This is when it gets complicated:

Angie is very competitive, and a very good agent; she googles the city in which she has listings and all her competitors are ahead of her. She does not understand why a two bit agent (her words not mine) who just started recently is ahead of her organically. She becomes angry at her broker because he told her he was spending thousands of dollars on the website but he has no organic placement. Her broker is very correct – with the system he put in place he is paying no less than $6,000 a month to satisfy his agents with leads… in fact he is operating the system at a loss.

The Broker of Godzilla Real Estate Inc forgot to get into the psychology of this top agents…

(to be continued…)

The adventure of Angie Pinksmith the Realtor will continue in the next few days… follow her turmoil as she gets to understand that what she has is not a website – but a sub-domain that has little chance of ranking organically!!!

PS: Angie Pinksmith is a fictional name and is NOT based on any real person – if you Google her you may not find anything substantive.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



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