Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | May 8, 2011

A Day for Mothers, SEO, and Happiness…

Today is Mothers’ Day, a day to remember the single most important Relationships we all develop in our lifetime. We learn how to relate to the world around us first through our Mothers; they are the foundation on which we all build the Bricks of our Success.

Since I cannot comment on your Relationship to your Mother; I shall comment and post on the topic of your Relationship to the Internet and SEO… Yes, Yes, this a segue into an unrelated topic but I think I can breach the two – well let me try.

Good Real Estate Professionals are superb at building relationships, and since I always advocate that Internet Marketing SEO, and Real Estate Websites are about Relationships – here are a few of my thoughts:

1. Your Website does not exists until it learns to play with others – Remember your Mother always said play nice with your friends. Building Connections to your colleagues on the Internet needs to extend beyond Social Media – in fact FaceBook was inspired by this simple idea.

2. Mothers are Resilient and most Forgiving – this is a lesson on Blogging and Tenacity. Yes Blogging!?… Probably not the way you think about it – for me Blogging is Storytelling, and since Marketing is Storytelling, therefore we must blog. If you are willing to surrender your business to the Zillows and Trulias because they aggregate others stories then you are surrendering a large portion of your income to them; You must NOT fail to tell your own story, that of your listings, your Brokerage, and Local communities.

2-bis. I asked your Mom and she said that she forgives you for not Blogging Regularly – She also said that you can do it; and that it will pay off! <wink>

3. I am also sure your Mom told you to “Always wash your Hands!” I don’t know how this relates to SEO – but today I made sure I washed my hands a long long time before Posting this Blog; I know deep down she is right so why take chances!

4. Our Mothers taught us to Believe in Ourselves – and this one is easy to translate: “This is the Year you are going to embrace video!” You will generate no less than one video a month, and a video for each listing you are Marketing. You must realize that you have gifts within you, and video gives others a chance to meet you virtually before they meet you physically!

5. The last one is probably a lesson you learned from Mom; “Don’t cheat others – you are really cheating yourself in the long run!” I told your Mother loved you – the pain of having to remember all the wrongs you have committed will weigh on you and rob you of your goodness. Forgive yourself for all your wrongs, seek to repair relationships, and renew your commitment to integrity!

Finally a Poem for our Mothers (writer unknown):

The heart of a home is a mother

Whose love is warm and true,

And home has always been “sweet home”

With a wonderful mother like you!

Happy Mothers' Day

I told you I would find a way of threading our love for our Mothers with the dry topic of SEO and Internet Marketing. Happy Mothers’ Day to my Mom and to all the Mothers of the world…

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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