Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | May 9, 2011

STOP Thinking SEO is about Leads!!!

A colleague of mine, Jason Jacques, launched today a Billboard/Web/Social Media Campaign that will generate very few leads… and I actually helped in the process of bringing it to life…

YES, I know what you are thinking:

What? Is Jason a Fool?

It's Mister Influence to you Pal!Influence is one of those ephemeral phenomenons that few truly understand; it derives its power from Longevity – not just Results!

Do you want an example?

Keep an eye on Funny or Die Website – – They are using Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Search to create influence – The money will follow, it always does if you create the Right Influence.

And some of the Videos are really funny!!!

I write articles on SEO and Internet Marketing for the Real Estate Industry as my way of paying forward the good fortune of intellect and partners I have in my life; those articles and solutions are picked up from time to time and published on various platforms by readers who find them helpful or informative…

But here and there, I always confront a so-called savvy SEO Marketer who tells me that the information in not profound enough – and they are Right… if you understand Internet Marketing, SEO, and Real Estate then my articles showing how to make a hyperlink are silly; unfortunately if you don’t understand how hyperlinks are made (Psst: Ctrl-K) SEO is gibberish to you…

PS: SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” – or Organic Placement on Search Engines.

So What should you do to conquer your place on the Internet?

1. Take charge of your story and try to relate humanly with your Customers.

2. Stop Selling Real Estate Everywhere and focus in your “Niche Market.” Remember Real Estate in Las Vegas is very different than Real Estate in Brevard North Carolina – Hummm…

3. Write Blogs that educate your customers on your area and be happy with being the expert in your localized Neighborhoods…

These simple ideas will go a lot further towards your success on the Internet than the illusion of understanding SEO – Ask yourself “What do my Sellers and Buyers want in my area?” – you will always succeed if you struggle to answer this basic question.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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