Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | May 10, 2011

Internet Scale is Ephemeral but it Stares you in the Face Loudly…

I was asked: “Hey Key you are headed to Huntsville Alabama then Atlanta Georgia, and Holding an Hour+ Talk on Internet Scale! What is that?”

Yes, in the next two days I shall be a guest speaker talking about an important topic in Internet Marketing and SEO, very few ever engage… and the topic is: Internet Scale!

You see SEO and Internet Marketing are like an Onion with many layers… the loudest Noise and Debate is happening on the Outer Layer –  I call that the layer of websites and agents’ agonies; those in the know are working on the core of the Internet and Architecture – they call it Internet Scale.

Instead of speaking vaguely about this topic let me ask you about an example – Zillow!

Some ask: “What is a Zillow?” as a matter a fact: “What is a Trulia?”; “How about a HomeGain?”; etc…

1. These entities don’t hold Real Estate Licenses yet they seem to be the Gateway for everything Real Estate.

2. They are not advertising agencies yet they have lots of ads on their websites – some even confuse them for traditional Advertisers!

3. It looks like every agent is on their website, yet they are not brokers in the traditional sense…

What’s up with all these funny-named entities that seem to be at the forefront of Real Estate; yet they do not help consumers with any transaction – only Real Estate Agents and Brokers do! Real Estate Agents Licensees are on the line for the Good, Bad, and Ugly – yet these Weird Name Entities make money no matter what!

When one digs deep on these entities they find that they are filled with mountains of disclaimers and belong to no MLS Board and Sell No Real Estate…

Yet they aggregate most of it!


Something went haywire a while back, and it is called Internet Scale – those of you interested in Real Estate SEO MUST accept that the game has been rigged behind your back, and that it is a lot tougher to climb the Organic Search Ladder than ever before…

Tomorrow I shall talk about this phenomenon and empower agents to do something about it…

More to come on this topic soon… I do ask those of you who are waking up to this phenomenon to give it some thought!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer

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