Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | May 14, 2011

Let Real Estate Agents be the tip of the Spear of Marketing…

Why is it that we let our Real Estate Professionals roam the streets of our communities and help our Buyers and Sellers, Yet we build enormous walls of fear for them to do the same on the Internet…???

Brokers, Brands, and Real Estate Agents are being disempowered to be who they are through the pseudo-science of technology; in fact there are more people trying to scare them from the Internet than support them in that endeavor. The cost of some programs to generate Pay-per-Click Leads are so enormous they could be achieved at 1/10th of the price… Yet the Pseudo-Fear of Technology lets many panic and sit on the sideline of progress…

The Internet is truly fragmenting the Real Estate Business and I don’t think it is a bad thing… for the longest time there was too much rigidity in the process…

Rules are being designed by those who have no insights on Real Estate – for the most part they are being made by Lawyers who have never sold a piece of Real Estate… I am sure that these lawyers mean well – but shouldn’t we look at a larger picture?

The number of Don’ts on Real Estate Agents keep growing – I can hardly find any Do’s that are still acceptable…

Here are some of my thoughts directed to the Real Estate Professionals:

1. Stop buying easy solutions for the internet because some geek living in his Grandmother’s basement knows PHP. Study Solutions and don’t let impulse buying drive your decisions – the fact that it is shiny does not mean that it is good

2. Embrace Video and stop waiting to look fabulous before you do it. The fake moving pictures with silly music that you call virtual tours are hurting you more than helping you… You must become viral in your community by including yourself – not the reverse. Let me say it again: Embrace Personal Videos today!!!

3. Selling, Marketing, and the Internet are about Storytelling – embrace Blogging and do it your way!!!

4. Keep using Social Media but don’t let it consume your time away from Prospecting… You are the local expert in your communities, educate yourself and give honest thoughtful advice. Customer Service matters today more than ever; Do a good job and let your customers brag about you!

5. To Brokers: Protect your agents from the Escalation of No… Do not accept that we must pass one more rule telling agents what Not do do; you are causing them anxiety and rattling their confidence from being the best they can be. I accept that we need Rules to protect consumers, but we keep burdening agents and ignoring others.

6. To MLS Boards: The Problem with the internet are not the agents; in fact the undercurrent of the MLS demise is Vendors – why is it that rules are easily passed to say No to REALTORs but much more difficult to pass rules on Vendors who taking advantage of agents daily…?

7. To NAR: You are the National Association of REALTORs – NOT the Federation of the Big Players in Real Estate… Bring back the Agents at the center of your future decisions and make them partners in the their commitment to support the consumer. This is not about protecting bad behavior – this is about educating agents to become the Marketing Experts we have come to know them as.

8. To all the players in Real Estate: Sunshine is the best disinfectant – shine a light of everyone and punish those who take advantage of consumers; But do so fairly – Real Estate Agents are receiving the brunt of it right now!

I admire what Internet Real Estate Aggregators are doing; and in some way they are forcing the Real Estate Industry to become more savvy – which is Excellent… But can we make sure we do not forget the Local REALTOR; In my Real Estate Trainings the Hunger is Palpable, the Desire strong, and the Commitment very present – we must do a better job of making SEO; Internet Marketing, Websites, Social Media, and Blogs within the grasp of those who make it useful to the consumer…


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