Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | May 17, 2011

Let the Market be what it is and always Prospect for Listings

Successful Real Estate Professionals are never phased by the market – they understand that the ups and downs are part of the natural process. Those who have been in Real Estate more than five years will tell you that when the market heats up the number of Real Estate Agents swells, and that the reverse is true – I call those who enter and leave the industry based on the cyclicality of the market Opportunists; and there is nothing wrong with that.

Well, maybe there is something wrong with that – These Opportunists are usually Not well disciplined or well informed on the market; they take listings at any price and represent any buyer, qualified or not… I personally think they hurt the industry more then help it.

The True Professionals never think of a second job – they work the business methodically and realize that their job is to offer the best Marketing Solutions to their Sellers.

The sentence I am going to write will upset many in the industry but so be it…

“Working with Real Estate Buyers is a lot easier than being the Pro who takes care of making Sure a Seller gets the highest value possible in the current market!”


Deep down everyone in the Real Estate Business understands this, and yes there are many superb Buyers’ Agents – but the real Skill and heart of Real Estate is Marketing Listings; and I must admit I have met some excellent agents along the journey of my trainings.

Let’s focus on the Internet, Marketing, and the dichotomy of Real Estate Professionals focused on Sellers and Buyers.

If you are a Buyer’s Agent all you need are leads – so your website is quite simple.

If you are a Sellers’ Agent you have to have a Marketing Plan – something that transcends Websites and goes to the heart of exposure and coaching – Yes Coaching! Good Real Estate Agents, who take listings, understand that their job is to protect the equity of their Sellers, and to also tell the truth about the market and its current conditions.

The way these agents go about nurturing trust with their Sellers is what makes them superb.

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Let me share one more idea that flies in the face of the current Real Estate Market nationally:

“The fact that we are currently in what is called a Buyers’ Market does NOT mean that we need more Buyers’ Agents – NO! It means the opposite; we need more Qualified Sellers’ Agents who understand how to take Listings, Market them properly, and navigate the regulatory hurdles thoughtfully, honestly, and with high Integrity!”

The Internet is shifting towards those who offer Internet Marketing Solutions – all Buyers need to do is visit and find all the properties; the opportunities in the next few years reside with Designed Web Strategies that are driven by Listings and Sellers, Not Buyers!!!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Strategist


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