Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | May 27, 2011

Branding yourself and How to Apply the 3 Laws

The Real Estate Business is truly a layer cake of Branding Entities each, at times, pulling in its own direction. Those who have been in the field for a while will recognize this phenomenon and understand the pull and tug between them; the difficulty is harmony…

How is your Brand of Value to Me?

In this Blog I will share the results of an Academic Paper called: “Three laws of Branding: Neuroscientific foundations of effective Brand Building.” – it was published by Palgrave McMillan in The Journal of Brand Management. The paper is very long and I recommend all Brand Managers to read it: Here is the long Hyperlink:

So let’s look at the three Laws:

Law 1: The higher the distinctive relevance of branding efforts, the more likely the brand will be chosen.

Law 2: The higher the coherence of branding efforts across time and space, the more likely the brand will be chosen.

Law 3: The more engaging the branding environment that is created, the more likely the brand will be chosen.

How is this relevant to the Real Estate Industry?

Branding requires the comprehension that your work requires Vision and Distinction. This is the area where most small businesses fail, they want to be Number One – but if you ask them how they are different from the competition – they tend to struggle. You Must help me appreciate how you are different and how your Brand can be of value to me!

1. Real Estate Agents, Offices, and National Franchises must understand that Law #1 means that you must offer something of Value that differentiates your Brand from others. This Value differentiation does not have to be monolithic and Top Down – in fact I encourage each agent and each office to design their own Differentiating Value Services from the competition. In other words, I can do business with XYZ Realty, why should I do business with you?

2. Law #2 is the easiest – it basically says that once you have your message crafted repeat it everywhere; and repeat it often… The way you serve up your message widely means that you find a way to include it in every piece of marketing possible including: Videos, Social Media, Blogs, Listing Presentations, Business Card, Signage, Websites, Events, Billboards, etc… You MUST have clarity about your Value Differentiation and then methodically incorporate in all your avenues. It is the Clarity that is difficult to bring forth.

3. Consistency with your message delivery is the Final Law – Your actions and that of your agents MUST match your Value message. If you share that you “Value Communication” then you must implement the right systems that facilitate communication better then your competition. Saying that you will do something as a Value Differentiator is not enough – your customers must resonate with it as well. Some go around saying “We are the Most Tech Savvy” yet their agents have no clue how to create a Listing presentation in a Presentation Software – nor what Internet Marketing and Web Services are. Your Brand Value must be matched with true results – in fact you will know you are succeeding when you start receiving Testimonials that reference that value.

I encourage all of you to take some time to think about you and why your Brand is of value to your customers; and I don’t mean just Corporate Managers – I mean you the Real Estate Professional – Ask yourself:

a. Why Should anyone list their home with me?

b. What should a Buyer choose me to work on their next home?

c. What added value do I bring to the the marketplace?

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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