Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | May 31, 2011

Are you Surveying your Real Estate Clients?

Brokers in the the Real Estate Industry tend to work from assumptions, lots of assumptions… and as good as their instincts are about the future of the Industry, few truly get the best insights from their current customers.

That’s right, the necessary input from our customers in the Real Estate Industry is nearly Non-Existent!

Let me ask you this:

1. How many of you brokers compile Databases of all your past clients?

2. How many of you Send a Survey on a quarterly basis requesting input and insights?

3. How many of you have designed surveys to gauge your own agents desires and growth?

4. How many of you are afraid of bad news – so you prefer not to ask?

Are you Surveying your Real Estate Clients?

In this blog I am not going to cover a full Customer Survey – but I want you to start thinking about this important process. Your local market is unique to your brokerage and competition; and you want your surveys to reveal potential new opportunities that you can exploit based on an ongoing conversation with your existing clients.

So let me share some thoughts I want you to think about:

1. Keep track of every client and try to add as much information as you can. Their date of birth will serve as a way to connect with them once a year with a thoughtful “Happy Birthday Card” that is handwritten; as well as their age may reveal their Preferred Marketing Method. This is not about correlation but about sampling and age plays a big factor.

2. This database of Clients should be secure and Not include any sensitive information such as Social Security Information or financial Data.

3. One of the easiest way to Survey your clients is to use – it’s electronic, it’s easy to setup, and is statistically driven.

4. Do Not Survey your clients more than once a Quarter – every four months or six months is also good. Remember you have to have a Good Database to collect all the data and add your clients every time you have a closing – Don’t wait!

5. Make sure you attach the Real Estate Agent who worked with these customers and refer all future business from their responses to them.

6. For Brokers – Never use this Database to solicit business; let your agents use their personal Direct marketing to nurture those relationships. As the broker you are using this Database to build the future of your agency by having the right insights. Let’s Stop Guessing!

7. Give Respondents a chance to win something… it does not have to be in the hundred of Dollars; but you can offer three $50 Gas Cards; or tickets to the Movies, etc… use your judgment. Also give them a reason why you are running a survey and its importance to your business and the industry! (Remember that deep down people want to help if they feel you are genuine in your attempt…)

8. Give respondents a chance to vent – don’t be afraid to ask questions that could reveal a lack of diligence from you or your agents. I like open questions: “What could we have done to serve you better?” usually at the end of the survey it is good to ask 2 open questions with room for them to write; I also like to add one form called your thoughts and comments. (All the other questions should be multiple choice or Yes/No – put the Open Questions last.)

9. Tackle Communication and how you and your agents can improve?

10. Keep your survey questions to 7 to 12 steps and tell them the estimated amount of time it will take to fill them out – try to keep the whole process under a minute and do not require them to fill out any personal information. Also give them a chance to opt-out.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents ought to embrace the feedback their clients share with them in a thoughtful reflective way… Many are afraid of opening cans of worms and think that letting well enough alone is the best strategy – unfortunately this leaves brokers checking their gut and making future product decisions and solutions based on guessing.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



  1. Good article. definately some food for thought. I wonder how many brokers will follow through with your suggestion?

    has Craig opened a discussion with you on coming down to Columbia for a training in the next month or two? If not, we need to get that ball rolling.


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