Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | June 3, 2011

What Expert Bloggers Know that you ought to Know

I started the blog today with thoughts on technical SEO, but then I had a coaching session in which a real estate agent asked a simple question:

What do Successful Real Estate Bloggers do to generate Leads?

A very fair and important question; and of course I answered her question; but then I thought I ought to share the habits of Success using Blogs to all who read my daily Blog; before I do so – I have some bad news followed by more bad news:

Bad News #1: If you blog for the expressed desire to generate immediate leads you will fail; you are better off putting your listings on Craigslist and Paying for Pay per Clicks, then letting the chips fall where they may.

Bad News #2: Success in Blogging is driven by habits not just desire. It is you focus on a weekly basis you will generate visibility – Toughen your Resolve and strengthen your Systems.

We are the Real Estate Experts - We Blog to Serve and Educate!

We are the Real Estate Experts - We Blog to Serve and Educate!

Now that we have the bad news out of the way let me share with you the 10 Essential Ideas that make Real Estate Bloggers visible and successful:

1. They only talk about what they know; Stop chasing the ghosts of Real Estate Nationally and focus on your Expertise.

2. They are Hyper local about their Real Estate Knowledge; If you want everything you will get nothing.

3. They write their blog – I know this must be shocking! Successful Bloggers don’t look to scrape someone else’s content. If you are afraid of writing record yourself on your phone and then transcribe what you said; there are lots of free Apps out there that will help you do this.

4. They are consistent – they blog at least once a week. That’s it, roll up your sleeves and blog this week…

5. They integrate video with their blogs; you must embrace your presence as a Salesperson using Video.

6. They educate themselves on their local market constantly; you are supposed to be The Expert – so look up your stats and tell others what is happening quantitatively.

7. They under-link their blogs and look for strategic pages in their websites to drive traffic to; Too many links will kill your blogs.

8. Successful Bloggers ask themselves one simple question: Why should anyone read my blog? There has got to be a benefit to others to engage you – Blogging is not about you, not about SEO, and about Solutions to your customers!

9. They understand one simple proposition – you get better by doing not thinking!

10. And the final thing I can share with you about Successful Bloggers – they blog even it hurts. They learned a long time ago that Writers Write! even if they have nothing to write about.

I hope you take some of these thoughts to heart and let the noise of doom of gloom about the Real Estate Industry be what it is; your job this year is to earn market share, and you may have to work harder to achieve that, today more than ever before – that’s OK; because you love the Real Estate Industry!

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