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SEO Jargon Revealed – Anchor Text and Hyperlinks

In this post I shall discuss the topic of Anchor Text when hyperlinking in your Blogs and Website Content. (I will use the verb to Link or to Hyperlink to mean exactly the same thing – the proper verb is to Hyperlink but many just use to Link and so will I from time to time.)

Let me first define Anchor Text and then share some examples.

What is Anchor Text - SEO Jargon Revealed!

The term Anchor Text, also known as Link Label or Link Text, is the part that is visible on a page when clicking on a hyperlink. In other words it is the clickable part of the text within a particular paragraph or page.

Here is an example: My name is Key Yessaad and I am a Real Estate Trainer.

Do you notice that the sentence in the example has three words that are clickable, namely Real Estate Trainer, and if you click on them they take you to a Web Page:

The phrase ‘Real Estate Trainer’ is the Anchor Text, or Link Text, and it points to the link above.

You see, Anchor Text is a simple concept… nothing hard here…

Let me tell you now why this is an important concept.

I could have used the sentence this way:

The Long Sentence: ‘My Name is Key Yessaad and I am a Real Estate Trainer; here is a link to learn more about me:

There is nothing wrong with the above sentence, and the link will take you to the same page as the one that I used in: Real Estate Trainer; but there are a few things I want you to keep in mind:

I will call the phrase: ‘My name is Key Yessaad and I am a Real Estate Trainer. The Concise Sentence.

1. The Long and Concise Sentences do achieve the same goal of me describing myself and referencing a Web Page that has more detailed information on what I do. So from a direction of traffic to relevant pages both do achieve the goal of sending customers to proper pages.

2. The Long Sentence is obviously Long and lacks the elegance of the Concise one. If you continued to use the method of just pasting the link that you copied from a Web Page, you will end up with very long Sentences. The problem is the Web Address of some pages are extremely long; here is an example from Zillow:{scid=hdp-site-map-bubble-address}

Here is another one from

There is nothing wrong with the length of the Web Address (URL); but you must admit that if you had to share your writing and blogs by giving these long Web Addresses there will be a loss of elegance.

3. The Concise Sentence has another thing going for it from a Search Engine and SEO aspect – it helps Google and Bing make sense of the destination Web Address and how to index it. Because I used the words Real Estate Trainer in the Anchor Text; I gave a Signal to Search Engines on the right classification for the web page: The long sentence does not give the same type of signals and lets Search Engine decide the best way to categorize and rank the page.

4. When using Anchor Text to send Links to pages you manage make sure you do not over do it; and only link ideas that make sense, and help your visitors focus on more details, more listings, related information, and Real Estate Solutions. In SEO More is not always More…

5. Finally, if you are writing paragraphs then it is more visually pleasing for your readers not to be confronted with a bunch of HTML Code. A good Real Estate Property Description that has a link that is strategically placed helps not only your readers navigate your content, but also Search Engines make sense of your content and how to classify it.

I hope this Blog helped you understand the concept of Anchor text – if you ever desire to learn or understand another concept in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Real Estate Websites – post a comment with your desired concept and I will respond. (Do I identify yourself so I can reference you – if you desire to.)

Keep an eye for a routine series of Blogs called “SEO Jargon Revealed.” I will be posting Blog Posts that tackle one simple idea at the time that is crucial to your understanding of SEO and Internet Marketing in your Real Estate Business and Websites. Do keep in mind that my focus will always be on the Real Estate Industry and How to Demystify the lingo of SEO and Internet Marketing to help Agents and Brokers grow their Internet Visibility.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Learning

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