Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | June 8, 2011

Dayton and Columbus Ohio Web Strategy Trainings

Next week, June 15th and 16th, I will be visiting with Brad Fennell, his Brokers, and Agents and holding trainings on the topic of Real Estate Web Strategy. Some have asked me: What is it you are going to train me on? Fair question; so let me share some thoughts.

The title Salesperson no longer applies to Real Estate Agents – in fact Successful Professionals use the term Real Estate Marketer. This is not a Distinction without a Difference; it in fact reflects that the proper Marketing of Real Estate has become more intensified in the age of the Internet than ever before.

More importantly, Internet Marketing has overtaken traditional Marketing by such a huge margin that few even contemplate placing ads in papers; and when they do, it is with a limited budget. Therefore Internet Marketing has taken a central role is the success of Real Estate Professionals.

But what is it?

What is this thing everyone calls Internet Marketing?

“I Have a Facebook Account – is that enough?”

“I have a Twitter Account – Maybe that will do it!?”

“I have a Website that I built from scratch – that has got to be it!”

How do the topics of SEO, Social Media, and Web Services connect to my Marketing?

My name is Key Yessaad, and I designed my trainings to not just offer the proper answers – but to help Brokers and Agents develop the habits and Web Containers that are highly visible and marketable. My trainings are designed with Plans of Action that move the agents in the direction of their Marketing and produce results.

Do you know that when it comes to Internet Marketing you are trying to drive Search Engines to you?

Without the proper container and the proper procedures of SEO, your customers will not know how to get to you – in other words you must get to Google before you get to your would-be customers. In order to truly master the concepts of Marketing Real Estate Estate Agents and Brokers must master the glue that binds customers to the internet via Search Engines like Google and Bing.

For those who work with Brad Fennell and EXIT Realty who wish to have more information on the Trainings in Dayton and Columbus Ohio, follow the link on the picture enclosed.

Dayton and Columbus OH Real Estate Web Strategy Trainings – EXIT Realty

Web Link: Dayton and Columbus Ohio Real Estate Web Strategy Trainings
PDF Link: dayton-columbus-oh-real-estate-web-strategy-trainings.pdf

I hope to visit with you next week – I will truly re-arrange your thinking about Websites, SEO, and Internet Marketing; and you will leave with a Plan of Action that you can trust that has helped many previous attendees reach Page 1 of Google Organically. (That is my word and you can hold me to it!)

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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