Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | June 9, 2011

What is Spidering? Time to feed your Spiders…

How do you go about understanding SEO?

You can read every manual and every book on the topic and still come up shy from true implementation. There is a fundamental idea that escapes most Web Developers and Web Designers; these Professionals are not dumb; they are in fact very smart, and know how to program their web services better than most – yet they struggle with SEO.

Think of this way; they are experienced Bus Drivers who cannot help but to have Blind Spots in their mirrors because of the size the Buses they drive.

Let me share this Blind Spot:

Until you understand Crawl-ability of Search Engines, especially Google and Bing, you will never be able to master SEO.

What is Spidering? It's High time you learn to feed your Spiders!

Let me flesh out this idea to all of you Internet Marketers.

1. SEO is easily defined as Search Engine Optimization – everyone knows that; so let’s give it a more meaningful definition. It is the ability to Mold your Container to be highly Visible to Search Engines, in such a way that your Organic Ranking rises for the Concepts you want.

I am known to call Websites ‘Containers’ to convey the idea that you are aggregating Important Data within your Website in order to serve your clients and be crawl-able by Search Engines.

2. Let me explain this idea of Molding your Container with an example. Let us take a Real Estate Office in Manchester Tennessee; it is an office that is part of the Greater Nashville MLS – a large MLS. This MLS covers the whole region, hundred of miles wide, and with a hundred plus major cities and locations (Nashville, Franklin, Smyrna, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Lebanon, Clarksville, Spring Hill, etc… oh my…)

This Manchester office has the capacity to show all the listings within the MLS by adding IDX, and providing a Search Button. A technique every website vendor offers to all their clients; so far so good.

In order to Mold your website, you will need to add Landing Pages that are specific to your market focus, namely Manchester Tennessee, with ideas that help consumers find what they need with a click of a mouse. A Landing Page is simply a Search Result Page focused on a market, or type of Real Estate need such as foreclosures, Hud Homes, Condos, Land, etc…

Those who are strategic about their websites, understand the simple idea that spiders are bots (robots) who feed on what you give them!; What have you fed your bots lately?

3. Let me put it bluntly – when Spiders visit your website they do not click on the search Button to see what you have in your Database; they feed on what has been served to them… Think about it carefully … this is the most important SEO Idea you must comprehend!

4. SEO is a much bandit about term that is losing its power because everyone can read its definition on Wikipedia and think they understand it; I see SEO and Internet Marketing as the Feeding of Spiders; if you know what they like, and what their diet consist of, you will make it to Page 1 of Google.

Happy Spider Feeding 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Strategist


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