Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | June 15, 2011

All or Nothing Thinking will not help you in SEO

In a recent call an Real Estate Agent, who attended one of my trainings, commented: “I wish I could remember everything I learned in class from you; that sure would help me get going…” And, as gently as I could, I remarked that her thinking was getting in the way of her progress. She had wired in her mind that progress came from complete absorption then implementation – which is not only wrong, it is dis-empowering. This kind of thinking goes give her the excuse to sit on the sideline of doing the things she knows she is supposed to do.

All or Nothing – is not always applicable to your life; in fact small progress builds on itself.

If you think that you must remember every dialog you learned in prospecting class in order to get listings – you will never be ready; you have to jump in and trust that you will build a body of knowledge that you will start trusting. You are a Continual Learning Machine – you are NOT a computer.

Being in the Doing Mode produces more results than just being in the Thinking Mode!

Don’t let this All or Nothing kind of thinking cripple you; especially when it comes to Internet Marketing and SEO. Here are a few of my suggestions:

1. Pull your handout from the training and do one task for 5 minutes daily – even if you do not complete it. The act of pulling the handout and reading one small portion will get your mind gelling around the Doing; not only that – you will find yourself remembering more than you think you do now. When you give your brain visual clues it will start making connections and will throw you back to the training; try it it works.

2. Find a colleague who attended the training and form a weekly give and take – 30 minutes over the phone will suffice. I prefer that do it in person is possible; but nevertheless; this kind of working together is in fact helpful in all kinds of tasks; especially Prospecting. You are in the Business of generating Business – you MUST develop a Prospecting Mind; but sometimes, on your own, it can be difficult; get yourself a buddy.

3. Don’t worry about doing everything I talked about in the training – do what you can; I promise you it will work; you will see results; and that built-up of good results will encourage you to do more.

4. Seek assistance – you have no idea how many people are willing to help you; have a good heart; come from a good place – and the world will open a flood of good wishers.

5. Finally – Finish that Bio we talked about; it is your story – you must tell your story; then make a video telling everyone who you are; what you do; and where you do it. Jump in – you will be fine.

I conclude with this thought – Cause your days; Don’t just wake up Reacting to your Days. A little planning, and a little doing, can go a long way towards building your career.

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Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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