Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | June 16, 2011

Don’t Switch Domains Willy-Nilly

One important measure in your Real Estate SEO growth is your domain name, more importantly how long has it aged with content in… this often surprises a lot of newbie’s to SEO but if you think about it carefully it does make sense… Websites earn a reputation with age and Search Engines rely on that reputation in their index.

How Old is your Website?How Old is your Website?

Here are a few ideas you must keep in mind.

1. Never give up ownership of your domain name!

2. The age of your domain is only valuable if it has been hosted and has content in it that has been indexed; if you bought a domain 10 years ago and parked it a GoDaddy that does not count.

3. Your domain must match your Marketing. Make sure you have a marketing plan and let the domain name reflect it.

4. Try to avoid Trademark names. Yes at the beginning no one will know you domain is called but once your domain becomes visible you may end up losing this domain because it contains the word MLS; same goes for REALTOR or other national trademarked Name.

5. Check with your Broker and National Brand Manager if you work at a franchise – they may have rules on what domain you can own. You do not want to buy a domain that’s named say: and end up losing it because you infringed on your Brand Marketing Rules. (PS: you may have the right to keep the domain but the franchise can choose to let you go – and what good would that domain do you then?)

6. Pick a domain name you can live with for the next 25 years of your Real Estate Career – once you do keep building it up with content and solutions. (again make sure you own your domain; I know of hundreds of horror stories; see How dare they own “my” domain?)

7. Don’t despair if you have never owned a domain before – starting today with the right website is still the right thing to do. Yes you will experience a Sandbox effect in which hardly anything will seem to move your website; but if you are diligent and continue to add deliberate content with the right link strategy your website will start moving towards your goals.

In the world of Real Estate SEO many ingredients must come together to create organic visibility – don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good… the best thing you can do is to get going wherever you are right now…

Happy Blogging :)Key Yessaad


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