Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | June 20, 2011

Make More Meaningful Google Searches

Internet Search is a day to day occurrence in almost every aspect of our business and personal lives; think about shopping without the ability to search and review products – nearly impossible, right!?

Go deeper in your Google Searches

Most of us use the Google Search bar to type our search criteria phrases and then review our results – but wait; there is another layer of Search using Operators that can help you dig even deeper – in fact there hundreds of different ways of using Operators to perform Queries but I will focus on a few good ones that experts use all the time; of course I am going to share my favorite ones.

1. Search for an Exact Phrase:

I use this almost daily – if I am seeking a specific phrase from a poem, or in article I type the Search Phrase within “Quotation Marks”. Lets say I am looking for the full poem of Walt Whitman but remember one line of the poem, instead of searching for: I celebrate myself, and sing myself – I perform the same search within Quotation Marks, as in:

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself” (Searches for the specific phrase within the quotation)

Putting search phrases within double quotes get you directly to exact results and eliminates permutations you are not seeking. This is quite useful if performing technical searches, quotation searches, academic papers, testing the indexing of content, but best of all to find out if anyone is scrapping your content – copying your content without your permission.

2. Searching for information within a Specific Website:

Say you are searching for information on a specific Nikon Camera, the D80, within; you can do so by going to Amazon or perform the search in Google by adding the operator as in:

Nikon D80 (Searches for all references of Nikon D80 only within the website)

This is quite useful if you are seeking to find out how many pages within a website have been indexed for a specific keyword or phrase.

Searching for references of books within the Library of Congress would look like this:

Essays of Emerson (would yield results of Emerson’s Essays only in

3. Defining Word and Concepts:

This one is a simple easy to use Operator for finding the definition of words, concepts, or ideas from multiple sources without having to go to a specific website.

Define: Keyword (will give you a list of various definitions for the concept Keyword)

Try it you will be amazed how much you will learn!

There are more Operators you can use within your Searches, I picked these three because I like them and use them quite a bit. Remember my motto about Internet Marketing – it is storytelling; if you do not become responsible for your Market Story don’t expect your Real Estate SEO to flourish.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad


  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of SEO! Love your training!

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