Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | June 28, 2011

What is the Purpose of your Website?

Yes, I am asking a simple, and for some, a silly question; “What is the purpose of your Real Estate Website?

As a Marketing Specialist, Real Estate Manager, and Web Builder I confront my clients with this simple question – and many of them have no clue how to properly answer it; in fact they hate that I even ask it…

What is the Purpose of Your Real Estate Website?

Let me now talk to you; the reader of this blog: “Why do you Want a Website?

I am assuming you are in Real Estate, that’s the only topic I discuss in my writing, and I also assume you are trying to solve a particular problem. You see most Real Estate Websites are Glorified Business Cards, and yet many more are not visible to consumers or Search Engines.

The majority of Real Estate Brokers and Agents focus on generating Leads, and that seems like a worthwhile endeavor – but did you know that after a while you will realize that a proper website is driven by Nurturing Listings?

Let me ask you again: “Why are you trying to start a Website?” – worse, “Why are you paying for the one you have?

If you cannot answer the question thoughtfully you are truly wasting your time, and will become prey to slick Salespeople who will show you how shiny their websites are, and you will continue to buy over and over again…

Let me give you some guidance on how to proceed in answering this question:

1. Who are your local competitors? and what are they doing on the internet?

2. What is special about your Real Estate Agency? In fact why are you in Business? (Please don’t say to ‘Make Money’ – that is a result not a commitment!)

3. What is your current listing inventory? and what are you doing to market these listings?

4. If you ever developed a proper Web Strategy, how would you know it has succeeded?

5. Finally, Have you inquired about all the ingredients you must have in your website in order for it to work for you? In other words do you know the questions you must ask of Website Vendors in order to launch the right platform that fits you!

I encourage you to confront these questions and to stop buying solutions willy-nilly; focus on the “Why” and you will have clarity about your future strategy. I know that some of you may be reading this blog to find the answer, but I must tell you that the work must start with you. Many of you do not need a website, and working smartly with your broker will reap you many rewards – some of you are managing hundreds of listings and must create the proper visibility for your Sellers; yet others of you are running multiple offices and may be in a bind on how to proceed with cohesive plan.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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