Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | June 30, 2011

Let the Spiders in if your SEO Index is shallow

Can we talk about Spiders again? Three weeks ago, in a blog post, I discussed the importance of Spiders and their role in Archiving and Indexing your website. The depth of your website and its content are very important to your SEO growth.

Let the Spiders in if your SEO Index is shallow

Do you know you are blocking your Spiders, and reducing your Internet Depth?

I know that you are not doing it on purpose, but it is happening – Let me explain:

Spiders, also known as Web Crawlers, behave the same way as we human do; meaning that they can only see what you see – instead of looking at The Page Visually they rummage it instead in the HTML Source Code.

Here is the Problem: Real Estate Websites are now designed to capture leads and so will require you, at some point, to register before you can see more information. This is the process of Capturing Leads based on giving consumers a taste of what you have and then requiring Registration. This is the way it works; a visitor finds your website, performs a search, and then is allowed to view the details of 2 properties – upon the third one a pop up requires them to register to see more – and therefore you get a lead (which hopefully is not Donald Duck or his Cousin!)

Well, Spiders follow the same steps, and when confronted with the filling out of a form they stop in their tracks, and move on. Content behind forms makes your website blind to Search Engines – it’s a dilemma isn’t it? On one hand you are convinced that requiring registrations will generate leads – on the other, the moment you do you block spiders from “Deep Indexing” your website; so what does one do?


1. Turn off your Required Registration for one to two weeks every 3 months.

2. Blog daily during that period on Channels of Visibility.

3. Turn on your Required Registration after that.

Yes, it is that simple; I am not going to get into the details of your specific website and its inner workings in this post – suffices to say; you must understand that you need to open the gates to Internet Critters so they can roam your website freely. (at least from time to time…)

I am currently advocating for a button that let’s brokers decide how long to delay the registrations; and in fact make it a soft suggestion – rather than a hard break. So instead of viewing the details of 2 properties and requiring visitors to register; the Broker can make that 6 or even 10 – this is a recognition that different Real Estate Markets behave differently nationally.

Of course there is a way of making this system work without having to turn off Required Registrations; it is called mapping all IDX Listings to XML Sitemap Feeds – but so few comprehend this that it is a waste of your time for you to even ask your Vendor to offer it.

My philosophy is that you have to work with what you have and make the best of it; Sometimes changing what you have to gain a side-benefit may harm you more than help you! I have yet to find a system that gives Brokers and Agents 100% of what they need and want; so I try to get 70% of the important tools at the right price – then cajole and request for the rest with the vendors I am working with.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer

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