Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | July 5, 2011

Counter Intuitive Real Estate SEO Ideas

There are many ideas floating around about the best ways to generate one’s Organic Visibility using the Internet. SEO is the buzz word around this phenomenon and everyone has an opinion of what Google does or does not do; I happen to prefer Results to willy-nilly ideas.

Counter-Intuitive Real Estate SEO Ideas

Let me share five (5) ideas that some may view as counter intuitive towards a successful Strategy with your Organic Visibility and SEO. Most Real Estate Professionals have come to embrace that the Internet is an important aspect of their business growth and success, and many keep buying product after product to seemingly try to gain that edge. We have become a gadgetry society and move from website vendor to website vendor. Yes, some vendors are terrible and you must find better ones, but to focus on this aspect alone is not enough; it is only the beginning of a proper Internet Marketing Strategy.

By the way, did you know that most Real Estate Agents don’t know how to define the term Marketing, let alone Internet Marketing? I place part of the blame on them, but more of it on institutional trainers who are supposedly molding the next crop of Real Estate Professionals with pseudo-classes teaching concepts they don’t themselves comprehend.

And so, In order to create more discomfort, and cause some reflection, I will state these five (5) ideas without commenting on them. I figure that from time to time thinking about ideas helps more than the answers.

Five Counter-intuitive SEO Ideas:

1. Your Attitude and Outlook matter more than your Technical Knowledge.

2. Your Habits are more effective than your HTML knowledge.

3. Keywords don’t matter as much as your ability to tell stories.

4. Your website is only a small part of your SEO Strategy.

5. Listing Syndication and IDX have hurt you more than you think.

PS: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization a common concept that describes organic placement in Search Engines. This concept is fiercely competitive and many find it flustering if not worrisome – those who have excellent placement – love it; those who don’t -hate it.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad


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