Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | July 8, 2011

Move away from just Search and into Results

What do Successful Websites do that Others Don’t?

Successful Websites solve problems and are very engaging – let’s not kid each other; if you are in the market for an iPad, you know what you want – you just want to pay the cheapest price possible for it. (PERIOD!)

Move away from just Search and into Results

The days of driving first to Best Buy to find out what prices they will deem appropriate that day are long gone…

The Internet is an informational vehicle, and for many, it translates into finding the best price, and best support possible. Do you know that consumers will pay Amazon $5 more on an item perceived worth $100 than to unknown website? – they trust Amazon after the Sale! But they will know pay Amazon $200 for that perceived $100 item.

Don’t ever forget about price… Oh, by the way, What is the Best Marketing technique to Sell Real Estate?:

Wait for it…

Wait for it some more…


Those who truly understand that “Price” cures all ills do very well in Real Estate – those who don’t try to find ways to mask reality with glamorized Marketing, signifying nothing!

So let’s go back to my title “Move Away from just Search and into Results!” – what you must understand is that when Real Estate Sellers and Buyers are interacting with you in your website they have a mental number (a price in mind) – Buyers know the maximum they will spend; Sellers know the minimum price they want for their property – your job, as a Real Estate Expert, is to bridge that gap!

Have you done so on your website? Give it some thought…

Happy Blogging 🙂 Key Yessaad, SEO Real Estate Strategist


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