Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | July 13, 2011

Web Developers MUST learn from their Clients

The biggest fear Real Estate Brokers and Agents confront is how to manage their own website; a process that has been made difficult by Programmers and Developers alike. I love Programmers and Web Designers, but they tend to want the users of their platforms to adjust to them – which is really shortsighted…

Web Developers MUST learn from their Real Estate Clients

In this blog I want to address “Them” – but before I do, let me define the “They” with a semblance of clarity: I will say “They” to refer to Web Developers, Web Designers, Web Marketing Solution Providers, Website Builders, Lead Management Websites, and all Vendors who sell Website Services and Solutions to Real Estate Agents and Brokers – I know you know who they are…

An Anecdote: A Real Estate Agent asked a simple, but thoughtful question: “How do I add links to my Social Media Profiles in my Franchise Parent Website?” The Developer started talking about how links works, and how to copy a Facebook account link, and how to find icon pictures for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; and yes he was technically correct. But for me, this developer did not get it!

Instead of hearing the question as an opportunity of make the process simple for the agent, he covered up his own inadequacies and started talking jargon. A thoughtful Developer would have said: “You know Susan, you are onto something; we are going to create simple forms that are easy for you fill-out for all your Social Media Profiles, and your links will populate automatically, with the proper logos.” These type of Solutions are already out there – this is not Rocket Science.

This is what I think “They” MUST keep in mind when serving Real Estate Brokers and Agents:

1. Real Estate Agents are responsible for The Marketing of Properties – NOT Programmers. Therefore the process should be rendered as simple as possible.

2. Websites and Portals are only a Gateway to connect Real Estate Professionals with their Consumers; any attempt to infuse a Programmer or Developer in the mix is fraught with failure.

3. Web Developers and Programmers are in the business of Simplicity  NOT Complexity. Microsoft lost its way because it  keeps making the “using” of their programs more difficult – Not more simple. As soon as you switch from using  Word 2003 to Word 2007 – you have to re-learn the program… very dumb is you ask me… Speaking of which, have you noticed how cumbersome iE9 is? what are they thinking?

4. Website Developers must do everything in their power to listen and support their clients. Let me define “Clients” here: “The closed System of Communication between Realtors, their Sellers, Buyers, and supporting Professionals.

5. The final and more important insight Developers MUST understand is: “Linear Thinking and Rules of Implementations always fail with Real Estate Agents…” Selling is a non-linear endeavor; and to force Agents to do certain things before they get the result they desire will make them want to walk away; Not follow your algorithmic thinking process.

Success with Real Estate Brokers and Agents is driven by understanding their psychology; if Developers try to impose systems on them they will fail. Developers must connect authentically, emotionally, and with ease of use… Think about it!

Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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