Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | July 24, 2011

Real Estate Websites are for Prospectors

There are two types of Real Estate Agents; “The Order Takers” and “The Prospectors.” Over 90% of Real Estate Professionals, for one reason or another, become Order Takers; meaning that they wait for others to give them business. While this is satisfying for those who have been around years and have grown their own Book of Business; the age of the “Search Marketing” is making this process more difficult.

Real Estate Websites work Best for Internet Prospectors

Some of the blame now resides with our own brokers; they have been seduced with the idea that the Internet and websites are about Buyers’ Leads; and they keep stuffing these leads in the inboxes of their agents – giving them the illusion of work!

Good Agents “Prospect” – Successful Agents develop an “Internet Prospecting Mind!

I know of a few Internet Brokerage Companies that now make money using Massively Scalable Websites with Multiple-Integrated IDX Feeds, by asking for referrals. They are what are called “Shell Brokerages”; they namely hire a Broker in a particular MLS Region; they take the IDX feed; they have superb Web Developers build Highly Index-able Websites; and as the leads for listings and buyers come in they refer them to other agents – so in essence they do not do any transactions – They manage the flow in and out of the transaction.

This is a smart strategy but my comment is: “Aren’t they just taking business from the local agents?”

I do not resent such companies; I think they make the Industry better – but we must return “Prospecting” back to our agents; and the way to do this is to support them to develop and “Internet Prospecting Mind!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Internet Strategist



  1. Key, I say I have to agree with you on this. Those companies are taking our own listings, advertising them then selling the leads back to the agents. I think the biggest problem is most agents don’t know where to start on the internet.

    • They need to be educated by people who understand the subject and are not beholden to Website Vendors; our industry is flooded by “feel good” webinars that are useless; and designed to sell gizmos… we need to stop the madness!

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