Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | August 5, 2011

Some Ingredients for Real Estate Internet Marketing Success

What are some of the fundamental Building Blocks for a Successful Long Term Internet Marketing Campaign? Real Estate Agents have become wise to the reality that a proper Internet Presence must offer more to their clients; yet many have focused exclusively on Buyers and have neglected their Sellers – Many still believe that putting a listing in the MLS and hoping for the best is a Strategy!

Some Ingredients for Real Estate Internet Marketing Success

The most important bar we must clear as an industry is educating our Real Estate Professionals that there is No distinction between Marketing and Internet Marketing; that in fact the major shift towards Internet Marketing is not happening but “Happened!

So what are the driving forces and ingredients of Internet Marketing Success in Real Estate – many of the habits and ways of approaching your business success will resonate with all of you:

1. Tenacity: Be Tenacious; Stop dabbling and start focusing on your Market and Expertise; you must focus on your Local Niche Markets – it is a fool’s errand if you try to capture the whole market.

2. Drive: Be Driven and focused on your Market Happenings; use your local MLS Statistics, Local Newspapers, and Websites to educate yourself daily – you must know more about your Niche Market than most. Then Share it in your Blogs…

3. Planning: You have a to have a Plan that you trust and work daily – Stop being a bumper car reacting to everything; some of your day should be yours. Prospecting Daily must become a MUST in your Day to Day Business…

4. Commitment: You must commit to tell your story, not once, but ongoingly. Remember your story is attached to your listings, Testimonials, Videos, Accomplishments, Pictures, Blogs, Events, Colleagues…

5. Connectivity: You must become connected: You are in the business of people – get to know everyone… and then connect with them on the Internet; Keep enlarging your Sphere…  Social Media is only one such layer!

These are but a few points that may not illuminate Real Estate SEO or Internet Marketing – but if you are not focused on these fundamental ingredients then managing your website will be an exercise in futility.

Happy Blogging! – Key Yessaad


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