Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | August 22, 2011

Integrated Blogs are more important than ever

Real Estate Service Marketers understood a long time ago that offering external ‘free’ services to Real Estate Agents was the best way to hook them to become adopters of their Internet Platforms; and when enough of them had joined they could change the name of the game. (meaning charge for services that once were either free, or nominal…)

I have been advocating for the concept of ‘Fully Integrated Blogs’ for the past five years – simply put: a Blog on your Real Estate Website is more powerful than say a blog on Activerain… For many this is heresy, but for those who understand SEO and Search Engine Spiders this makes total sense.

Today I got a confirmation of this pattern;, one of the most highly index-able Blog Websites is not allowing for new Blog Accounts – this could be temporary; this could be a glitch; or it could be a Wake Up call to Real Estate Agents to control their Internet Marketing.

External Real Estate Blogs can be a hit an Miss

The above pic is a screenshot from taken on August 22nd 2011 saying: “New blog creation has been disabled. We apologize for the inconvenience.” – no other explanation on their website was offered…

Real Estate Website Vendors must wake up and offer Blog Platforms that are fully integrated with the IDX Services of the Agents and Brokers they serve; I am glad that iHouse, Onjax, and Kunversion have taken the leap… but much more has to be done; here are some ideas you must keep in mind:

1. Blogging internally (your website) is more powerful than Blogging on external platforms.

2. External Blog Platforms are best used as Press Releases – NOT as day to day Internet Traffic Management.

3. Tag Driven Blogs create the highest visibility when combined with Real Estate Landing Pages.

4. You can never control the rules of an external blog – but you can control your internal Web Services.

5. Free is never ‘Free’ – the price of Free leads to dependence.

If you Real Estate Website Vendor does not offer a Blog Platform, or if their blog is inadequate (Not Tag Driven), call them and demand that they remedy it; it is your silence and ignorance they are counting on…

PS: I have been arguing with Agents to get the right kind of Real Estate Website with built-in blogs; but if Realtown is no longer allowing new members to blog it would be a big shame – they were one of the few that stood out from the morass of gotchas web companies out there…

Happy Blogging 🙂 Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



  1. Really enjoy you blogs. This is somewhat scary tho….i love Realtown…you know Trulia called me sometime ago and told me that I was not allowed to blog listings or anything else for sale as a blog post? I can blog about recipes and garden secrets but nothing for sale….they do however have an option for marketing listings for a price….we took them off the list.

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