Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | September 25, 2011

Celebrate Success all around you

Celebrating Success is often viewed as a special event that happens once a year, and yes those events are critical to the growth of any Real Estate Brokerage.

But what if celebrating success was a daily “State of Mind”; a place you come from – a way of catching others doing something right!

Think about it: You wake up with the intention catching your colleagues going something Right! Wouldn’t that be cool?

You Resist the tendencies to punish and you allow your heart to be filled by small successes; a Listing here, a Sale there; a farming success over there!!!

So – How do you Celebrate Success Regularly?

1. Meet with your team members often – you have to be in contact with them regularly.

2. Engage your Realtors about what they liked about a meeting or training they recently attended.

3. Let them re-experience a successful transaction so they can feel energized to pursue the next one.

3. Catch them doing something right! and say something about it!!!

4. Yes you want to spend some time talking about what is not working – but always steer the conversation towards what is working and build on those successes.

5. When you focus on successes you create motivation and ownership!

6. As you focus on Successes you become a colleague, a friend, someone willing to cooperate – rather than a manager looking for termination. This helps build confidence and opens the door for more cooperation.

7. As the broker you must know what motivates you to be in the office daily – if it isn’t the success of your Agents you MUST walk away from being the manager; you maybe hurting your talented agents more than helping it.

So let’s Celebrate Success in all of our Offices

Here to you all!!!

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