Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | October 13, 2011

If your Real Estate Website does not offer Blogs your voice is being Silenced

What is the essence of a story?

Well, simple – a blog post; Yes… Blogging is Storytelling…

I am unique Realtor - I have a Story to Share!

Think about it for just a second… Websites that do not allow for the expression of Agents are just clones of each other. Take a vendor who makes websites for agents in Los Angeles; well the vendor gets the feed from the MLS and clones it on as many websites as agents want to buy from him. In essence all of these websites are the same – in the eyes of Google nothing new is being shared, and that is why they do not rank organically.

In other words when vendors offer the same container with the same tools to all the agents they are telling them that the website matters more than the Real Estate Professional – and that is a huge mistake.

No two agents are alike – and each one, I have ever met, is driven by their own vision of how their business functions – How are they going to share who they are? Blogs – in other words a platform that allows them to tell their story, their market story, the changes throughout the months and years, as well as their expertise in specialized Real Estate Niche Markets.

Real Estate Website Vendors who do Not offer fully integrated Blog Platforms are not only wrong; they harm the agents from growing their influence online.

This discrepancy must stop right away – and Real Estate Agents and Brokers must wake up to this important component of Internet Marketing.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



  1. Key I am a Active member on where I post most of my blogs. Someone is helping me build a WordPress blog. Blogs is a great way to tell many stories that are not just pertaining to Real Estate. How can Google crawl your site is you are not constantly producing fresh content on a consistent basis to help improve the ranking of your website. Great blog Key.

    • if you offer a Real Estate IDX feed than you are adding content constantly – otherwise; you must blog regularly to be relevant… Best

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