Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | October 22, 2011

Luxury Real Estate Report reveals the importance of an Organic Web Strategy

A July 2011 Research Study of national trends in the Luxury Market (Study enclosed) focused on the topic “How Today’s Highly Affluent US Consumer Selects Luxury Real Estate Associates and Brokerages.” This 8-Page Report is full of important statistics that transcend the Luxury Market and bring into focus the role of the Real Estate Professional and his connection to the Internet.

The study was commissioned by Luxury Portfolio International™, the luxury division of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® ( – a global network of 550 premier real estate firms with 4,600 offices and 140,000 sales associates in 30 countries around the world.) This Study reveals some fundamental transformations in behavior from the Luxury Real Estate Buyers, and here are some notable conclusions:

1. Trust is a recurring theme in this Study. In order for Trust to be present Validation of what’s being said must be mirrored by a Web Presence that confirms it. Some people call it being Google-able – in essence the Real Estate Processional and her Brokerage need to found under the ideas of what they do, where they do it, and what information are they going to offer consumers to satisfy their needs.

2. 84% of Respondents (Luxury Real Estate Buyers and Sellers) said that they Require Real Estate Agents to demonstrate Competence and high Understanding of the Luxury Market.

3. Dependence on the Salesperson is Shrinking. The Survey reveals that the Luxury Consumer is now less dependent on just information from Real Estate Professionals (from 67% in 2007 to 26% in 2011.) This reveals the burgeoning influence of the internet and the comfort with which consumers have embraced the consumption of information online. The ability to search using Google and Search Engines is empowering consumers to take their time and check the facts. (PS: During this process they are also building a profile of the perfect agent they wish to work with and most of them end up working with a Real Estate Professional – so this not bad news.)

4. The terms “Strong Internet Presence,” “Google Search,” “Tech-savvy Professionals,” “Marketing through the Internet,” “YouTube Videos,” etc… pepper this report and suggest that these trends are not driven by Real Estate Companies but rather are a response to the behavior of Real Estate Buyers and Sellers.

July 2011 Study of How Highly Affluent U.S. Consumers pick Luxury Real Estate Associates

My two cents:

Easing the access to Real Estate Data that does not hide behind endless Registration Forms is an important way to start connecting with your consumers, and letting them satisfy their desire for facts and information. Real Estate Professionals must embrace the internet in an organic fashion by becoming teachers on local market trends, the process of Purchasing and Selling homes, and truly forging a partnership with their clients.

I encourage every Real Estate Professional to read this important White Paper and congratulate Luxury Portfolio International™ for sponsoring it. (Shortlink to this Blog:

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



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