Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | October 25, 2011

Under-Linking is the perfect road to an Organic Google Visibility

Hyperlinks, commonly known as Links, are the Verbs of the Internet – they help you conjugate the language of connecting with others. Hyperlinks are truly the core of what makes the Internet works – without them we would have books with long indices – think Encyclopedia Britannica.

Blog Posts and Web Pages are but a combination of Text, Pictures, Videos, and Objects – but what gives them Connective Value are Hyperlinks. Real Estate Agents must learn not only how to hyperlink their content, they must also learn how to lead their links to Strategic Pages.

Unfortunately many who do know how to make links commit a Big Sin – Over-Linking!

More does not equal to More in Real Estate SEO; in fact doing just the right amount is a virtue – keep these ideas in mind.

Hyperlinks your content just the right amount!

1. When Blogging Keep your Strategic Links to a minimum and focus them on one idea.

2. Use Anchor Text – Not the full URL – example: Statesville NC versus

Both Hyperlinks will take you to the same page, but the one with the Anchor Text will focus Google and Search Engines on how to Index you.

3. Good Rule of Thumb is one link per paragraph if it is necessary – some descriptive paragraphs do not need Links and that’s ok – Search Engines will see your content with or without Links.

4. Ask yourself the following question: “Is the link I am sharing furthering the conversation or is it self-serving?” This is a very important question. Your content will become very organic and will grow faster if you are focused on adding value.

5. And yes, do not be afraid to offer links outside your website to other pages that help further your ideas. Many have become Link Hoarders and overly link to their site only – Give the right kind of link-juice when it is appropriate – you will be fine!

6. Finally, and more importantly, think of the Human Beings reading your blog or visiting your Web Page – Have you served them today?

Happy Blogging 🙂 Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



  1. Awesome post, Key.

    You are the best!

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