Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | November 4, 2011

Let me Google that for you – a Creative way to say that

Have you ever wanted to tell people “Let Me Google That For You!” or “Why don’t you Google Me!” – or better yet “Google your neighborhood and let out team show you how we can help you sell your home!” – well you can; and there is a fun website for that…

It animates the process…

The website is called – or Let Me Google That For You or

Let me show you two examples:

Example #1: Google Me

Say your name is Craig Summerall and you want to add somewhere in your website an icon that says “Google Me” or a Graphic that says the same – here is how you do it:

a. Go to;

b. In the Search Bar (looks like Google) type in your query, in this example: Craig Summerall. then click Google Search;

c. will generate a link: and even a tiny URL if you want;

d. When you click on the generated link an animation is generated that types the text, then performs the search in Google. (Try it!)

e. Take the words you wish to link as in: Google Me and hyperlink them and you will get:

Google Me

f. or use a graphic and hyperlink it as in:

Google Me

Example #2: Google your Neighborhood

Say your name is Nelson Bermas and you specialize in a Neighborhood called Prescott Glen subdivision in Lexington SC. You have worked your web Presence so well that you have reached Page 1 of Google for that Subdivision, and you wish to show that to would be Sellers in that Neighborhood. (PS: Nelson has and he works his Internet marketing with diligence and commitment!)

The Text Link would look like this:

Google Your Neighborhood

and the Graphic Link would look Like this:

Google Your Neighborhood

As you can see you can use the Let Me Google That For You or in fun creative ways.

Will this help you with your Google Ranking or SEO – No! But it’s fun!

Shortlink to this Blog Post:

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



  1. That is a really cool idea! I like it! Thanks

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