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Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Brokerage pulls from syndication to Trulia and soon to

Real Estate Syndication has become a day to day normal reality of Real Estate Listings, and few question its deleterious effect on the industry. Of course many will tout its benefits to the consumer, yet there is a love/hate relationship they experience day in day out – namely the back of advertising to the agents who had gotten the listing in the first place.

Well Edina Realty, a Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathaway holding company, decided that the value proposition was not in their favor and they have chosen to discontinue Third Party Syndication to Trulia and

I will share more thoughts on this announcement in the near future…


Here is the article by Craig Kamman

Edina Realty discontinues 3rd Party Sites like Trulia and

November 15, 2011 By Craig Kamman


Edina Realty has hit their tipping point with third party aggregators and are going to pull their listings from beginning Nov. 30.  They also intend to follow suit soon after with

This news should send shockwaves throughout the industry.

With advent of the internet and the MLS information being piped throughout the internet, 3rd Party Aggregator sites began to pop up.  3rd Party Aggregators are private companies that compile real estate information then collect leads and sell the leads to Realtors and Brokers.

At first this was welcomed by the industry, as this initially provided additional exposure to the marketplace.  What has transpired over time has become a liability to the clients we serve.  These 3rd Party Aggregators such Trulia, Zillow, and shockingly (which is a private company not owned by the National Association of Realtors) are not held to the same standard as Licensed Realtors and Brokers.  The information they publish does not always reflect the clients best interests and sometimes contains bad information and has become a liability for Brokers in some cases.  We have seen cases of people’s homes that are not for sale or have been sold are still published on these sites.  We have seen instances where a homeowner falls behind on a payment or two and these Aggregator sites publish their home online being mistaken as for sale.  Being that these sites are not owned or governed by the same rules makes it difficult if not impossible for us to correct the information posted there.

This poses liability, grief, and headaches for the Realtors, Brokers, and Clients they serve.

Edina Realty is leading the industry to pull their information from these 3rd Party Aggregators to protect their clients and their own best interests.

From Edina Realty:

Edina Realty is responding to the changing business models of third
party aggregators.
Third party aggregators are not brokers and they are not required to abide by the same rules
and regulations as a broker. They get listings for free from brokers around the country and then
display them online, collecting and distributing leads for a profit.
While some of you in the industry may understand that is an independent company,
many of you may be surprised to learn that is NOT affiliated with NAR.  They are a
separate, publicly held business.  Just like, their business model is based on selling
lead generating advertising to agents.
We’ve since discovered that much of the data and information showcased on aggregator
sites is inaccurate if it comes from non-MLS sources. According to a recent data quality
study conducted by and published on, 69 percent of errors in online
real estate listings information were directly related to third-party syndication of
information by non-MLS sources.  This points to the need for more diligence regarding
ownership of our clients’ data and where we send it – be it directly to an aggregator site or
through syndication.
“The company reviewed about 1.2 million listings from about 250 data sources during the
third quarter and found about 120,000 inaccuracies in listings information. More than half
(51 percent) of those inaccurate listings had errors in price, 41 percent had status errors, and
8 percent had errors in both price and status.”*
*Source: and respectively
Edina Realty will no longer provide a broker feed of our listing inventory to
starting Nov. 30, 2011.   We also intend to discontinue sending our listings to by the end of the year.
Third party aggregators are not brokers. They get listings for free from brokers around the
country and then display them online, collecting and distributing leads for profit.  We believe it
makes the best business sense for our agents and Edina Realty to control our own listings in
order to ensure that:
 Our agents don’t lose future business opportunities because a non-listing competitor
pays to present themselves as the contact for your listing.
 Our agents don’t have to pay – directly or indirectly – for leads on their own listings.
 Our sellers can be assured that leads on their listing are being handled by an expert –
 The quality and accuracy of your listing data is assured.
 Potential buyers are provided with fast, knowledgeable responses via the listing agent
or our seven-day-a-week customer service department.
I think Edina Realty should be applauded for their leadership.


  1. Will anyone else follow their lead?

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