Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 5, 2011

Educate Locally and you will never run out of Blog Ideas in Real Estate

The local Sunday Paper in Wilmington North Carolina, The StarNews, ran with a large headline “THE BIG CORRECTION” and the article tackled the upcoming Property Revaluation, in fact it is the first one since the financial crisis of 2007-08. New Hanover County is required to hold such a Real Estate Revaluation every four years. The article, written by Kevin Mauer, was very informative as to the machination of Revaluation and the processes and parties involved.

The Big Correction - Property values likely to sink after first revaluation since real estate bust

An No, this blog is not about what is happening in New Hanover County, or whether the glass is half full or half empty as to local Real Estate Taxes.

The power of this article is how it educates the local readers on how Real Estate Revaluation take shape, how they affect the local market, and the types of guidelines are followed by those in charge of them.

This power of educating consumers is one venue Real Estate Professionals must become proficient in. I do not mean that they become a journalist like Mr. Mauer; no chance of that – he is really good. I mean that they use their blog platforms of localize even more what is happening at the county level. We all know that Real Estate is local, in fact hyper-local and no agent can become a true expert at the County Level – but it is their job to become the expert in their Listing Areas.

The Internet is offering a new venue of interactions and education between consumers and Real Estate Professionals. It has not changed the fundamentals of what makes a good agent a good agent –  the relationship has a growing way of expressing itself. There is one fundamental truth to the value of the relationship between consumers and Agents: Consumers are seeking local knowledge, expertise in local Real Estate Transactions, and good solid advice on how to maneuver their Real Estate Transaction. Think of this way – Consumers are seeking Good Council Not just a Transactional Operator.

It is this localized knowledge and expertise that makes or breaks Real Estate Agents, and the industry is full of such wonderful experts; but many of them get to show their expertise once the consumer calls or meets with them. What many are failing to do is to educate using a Blog Platform; I call this Educating via Google.

Let me share some points from the article that illustrates the power of localized knowledge: (I encourage all of you to read the article.)

1. “New Hanover suburbs will vary neighborhood by neighborhood.” – ask yourself: who should know the variations of Real Estate Revaluation at the neighborhood level? and do Buyers and Sellers want to know?

2. Do you know that because of the County seeks revenue neutral taxes, that some residents will pay less property taxes while others will pay more. Do you think consumers want to know the changes to local taxation at the neighborhood level?

3. Do you know that as a Real Estate Agent you may have more opportunities listing properties in neighborhoods in which taxes stayed flat or increased, then the ones where taxes went down? In order for taxes to go down dramatically, property values must go down significantly and the prospect for Short Sales and Foreclosures are much higher. Will you educate your local customers at the neighborhood level?

4. The most important aspect of this article is how local markets are at the crux of Property Revaluation and Taxation; few agents concentrate on such fundamental information – most worrisome many don’t even know such variations.

A properly integrated blog at the agent level is an investment worth thinking about – and those who use it to educate rather than to sell will reap great rewards.

Happy Blogging 🙂 Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer


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