Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | January 1, 2012

Happy New Year – a few thoughts from Key

I have spent the last three months of the 2011 developing new trainings, updating existing ones, and mostly writing Web Code and Strategic Real Estate SEO solutions to support those I will coach and workshop with in 2012. Those who have attended several of my trainings will tell you that no two are alike; and that makes sense… the internet is an organism that continues to evolve and the ideas you applied two years ago will only get you so far next year. Google and Bing made so many changes to their Organic Algorithm that just to keep up reading about is a demanding task.

I also spent long hours Developing Several new Containers (Websites) that have Strategic Marketing Visibility as well as Search Engine Friendly positioning… I am pleased to say that i have achieved the goals I set for myself.

The Primary ideas of all this Internet Marketing Work are:

1. Integrated Marketing – Long gone are the days of sending Just Listed Postcard, Just Sold Letters, or even Calendar Magnets without an integrated Web Solutions driven by Proper Landing Pages.

2. Video Marketing and Advanced VBlogging Solutions. This is the year of Mass Video, especially since the advent of Smart Phones and Computer Tablets. Communicating and Informing your customers using Video is more pleasurable to them – it also also allows to make copies of yourself.

3. SEO is getting more competitive than ever before – you can no longer sit on your laurels hoping that Search Engines will pick you up, or worse – continue to rank you. Put the customer first before you develop a strategic Website.

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been participating as much as I used to in Social Media ; it is simply because my days have been full with code writing and coaching. I will pick up the pace in the next few weeks…

My Commitments to you in 2012:

1. My Trainings, Workshops, and Coaching Sessions will make a difference in your Business.

2. I have and will remain Vendor Agnostic – I have not and will not make a cent from Website Vendors.

3. I will continue to push Website Vendors to offer thoughtful Solutions and encourage those who do, and yes shame those who don’t.

4. I will never offer trainings for the sole purpose of making a living – the focus will always be that your time with me must produce results for you.

5. Your Vision is what I facilitate in my trainings – Not my ego! (and Yes I do have one!)

6. I will remain the authentic self that I am; I accept that the wish of some that I become a schmoozer to gain access will not happen. My work will have to continue to speak for itself.

Happy New Year and Much love – Key



  1. This is great to read Key. I am so happy for you.

  2. Schmoozers suck! great blog

  3. Outstanding Key!

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